10 Bizarre Medical Conditions You’ve Never Heard Of..! Still There Is No Treatment For These Diseases!

The world has progressed a lot when it comes to medical sciences. We can now identify more diseases and have found a cure for a lot of those diseases but still, some medical conditions that have not failed to amaze us, because they’re bizarre.

Today, we’ll talk about some of the strangest known medical conditions from all around the world!

10.Seanie Hammock with Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, “Stone Man Syndrome”

Despite having this medical disorder, this 18-year old has been trying to stay positive. This is a genetic disorder in which the soft tissues turn into the bone with time. The cartilage is turned into the bone and this mutation goes unchecked. This happens to 1 in 2 million people and the sad part is, there is no cure for this disease.

9. Graham with Cotard’s Delusion, “Walking Corpse Syndrome”

Graham has been suffering from Cotard’s Delusion for 9 years and said that it was the closest he came to death. This is a rare condition in which a person thinks he or she is missing body parts. The disease is connected to some dysfunction in the areas of the brain for recognizing and associating memories and emotions with faces. For this reason, they face a complete detachment and removes any sense of personal identity when they look at their bodies.

8.Cold Urticaria, “Cold Allergy”

This is a strange condition in which a lot of hives and scars come up on the skin because of cold weather. This is triggered by histamine production. The swelling in the throat and tongue can also be fatal, but common anti-histamines can treat this.

7.Dede Koswarawith Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis, Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia, “Tree Man Syndrome”

Dede Koswara’s story was brought to the world by Discovery Channel in the series of My Shocking Story. In this disease, it seems like a tree bark growing from someone’s skin. In reality, they are just warts which are exacerbated because of exposure to sunlight. This happens because of mutation on EVER1/EVER2 genes and this is very rare.

6. Alex Webb with Xeroderma Pigmentosum, “Vampire Syndrome”

Alex Webb is a 4-year-old boy who was recently diagnosed with Xeroderma Pigmentosum which is also called Vampire Syndrome. People with this disease are sensitive to UV Rays and must be protected from sunlight or they will suffer from extreme sunburns and breakdown of the skin. This might also lead to skin cancer.


This is a rare disease that is mostly found in people in Indian and African region. In Elephantiasis, lymphatic vessels are obstructed causing swelling of skin and tissues, mainly in the legs and testicles. The most common cause is through a mosquito-borne parasite. Strangely, over 40 million people have been affected by the condition.

4.KraoFarini with Hypertrichosis, “Werewolf Syndrome”

She was among those people who were diagnosed with Hypertrichosis. She was born with it but she as an American Sideshow Performer took part in 19 Century exhibition tours. There is abnormal hair growth which covered the bodies of the patients. This can be congenital or acquired. The entire gets covered with long hair and that’s how it has earned the name of Werewolf Syndrome.

3.Niah with Aquagenic Urticaria, “Water Allergy”

As you guessed it, it is indeed very uncommon for someone to have an allergy with water. People develop itchy hives and welts in just, minutes of being exposed to the water. This condition isn’t well known. The main cause isn’t the water but the chemicals, impurities that are omnipresent. Niah is a 21-year-old girl who is allergic to water and cannot even cry because even her tears cause the problem.

2.Alien Hand Syndrome

None of the patients has become notable in this case but this is a rare disease in which there is a rogue hand that acts independently, holding objects and moving it with the reluctance of the individual. The actions become involuntary and the saddest part is, there is no cure for this. The symptoms are managed by involved that hand in continuous activity.

1.Kath Lockett with Foreign Accent Syndrome

Kath Lockett from Staffordshire is a woman that suffers from foreign accent syndrome and looks for a cure. In this condition, people develop an uncontrollable foreign accent even if they haven’t visited that place ever. This is a rare disorder that comes up after a stroke or some brain injury.