10 Celebrities who beat Cancer


Whisper of the word Cancer surely takes away few heart beats for a second. Do you have a glimpse of how Cancer a life taking monster takes an entry? DNA is the door to it. Yes!!!! Cancer begins when there is a small damage in the portion of DNA. Isn’t it hard to believe that a small damage in a DNA which is so very microscopic can be so dreadful? The damaged DNA causes cells to split faster and the cells grow in an uncontrolled way resulting in cancer cells. These cancer cells get together to form huge lumps of abnormal cells called tumor.
Most of us are definitely aware of different types of cancers, to name a few – Breast cancer, Bone cancer, Brain tumor, Colon cancer, Lung cancer, Thyroid cancer, Prostate cancer, etc. According to studies there are more than 120 types of cancer.
All of us must be surprised and at the same time relieved to hear from people who have survived cancer. We have our famous celebrities who have struggled, been through and have survived this terrible trauma. I am here sharing with all readers about few celebrities who have seen the unknown and have come back with a bang.

1. Kathy Bates:



The next thought after you think of Kathy bates is Titanic. An Oscar winner and an actor who is known to play fearless, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2003. She kept this terrific news to herself. Kathy experienced all signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and early diagnosis increased the survival rate. She was under treatment and only focused on chemotherapy and the changes that her body went through. During treatment she withdrew from her job, social events and everything else around her. Kathy Bates has survived the private battle and has announced that she is now in remission. The actress now goes public to help other woman.

2. Lance Armstrong:

Lance Amstrong

The record seven times winner of the Tour De France Biking Champion was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age . It was testicular cancer in its third stage at 25 years. But he never let cancer come in the way of passion. He was just given 40 percent chances of survival by doctors. After sometime was found to spread to his lungs and brain which needed surgery. Following surgery he went through chemotherapy and he climbed back to good health. His career had stopped during his chemotherapy and he spent terrible time not able to eat, drink, watch TV, and definitely not able to think of getting back to racing. But his spirit and the passion made him strong, when he managed to get in the first professional comeback race. He finished on fourteenth. Then on it was his race. He was a bike race again!

3. Lisa Ray:

lisa ray

A model, actress, television host, social activist, the gorgeous Lisa Ray was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2009. This is a rare form of cancer and this case the white blood cells know as plasma cells are affected and this in turn weakens the immune system. Even if Lisa practiced Yoga regularly she was unable to catch the signs taunted by her body for a long time. She was diagnosed with cancer when she just fell off while performing yoga and when immediate tests and scans revealed that her hemoglobin levels were fallen to 30 (normal range 90-120). The treatment followed with a blood transfusion. But the condition had relapsed and then diagnosed as multiple myeloma which was considered fatal. She then underwent a Stem Cell Transplant and announced cancer free in 2010. Her battle with illness has been commendable. Though she has slowed down she wants to live life better having realized its preciousness.

4. Barbara Mori:

Barbara Mori

Uruguay-Mexican model turned actress has been cancer survivor. She made her debut to bollywood through the movie ‘Kites’. She is on the way of recovery and is soon going to be a part of a documentary on cancer names ‘1-a-minute’. She is very glad to be a part of this documentary. Her cancer was detected in early stages as she regularly visited the gynecologist for checkups. She was able to survive cancer as she believes that she needs to give a lot more the world.

5. Michael C Hall:

Michael C Hall

American actor known as Dexter in Showtime TV was diagnosed with treatable and curable cancer Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He was 38 years old. Now he is remission and at end of treatment. He feels fortunate to have been diagnosed at early stage of cancer. Hall accepted the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild award in 2010 with a bald head result of his chemotherapy treatment. He was then set back to work on a new series of Dexter.

6. Manisha Koirala:

manisha koirala

The Bold and beautiful Manisha Koirala at 43 was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. This is a type of cancer difficult to diagnose as it does not possess typical symptoms and mostly diagnosed at late stages. Manisha shares that cancer is not death sentence but there will still be hope and she wants to raise hope for people who don’t have hope and for those who don’t have access to resources. She was under intensive treatment surgery and chemotherapy. She was lucky to have positive people around her to revive her physically and mentally. Being cancer free is a new life for her. She respects the change in her from existing to living.

7. Kylie Minogue:

Kylie Minogue

The name takes you tapping to “chiggy wiggy” tunes from the bollywood ‘Blue’ with Akshay Kumar. The multitalented star is a singer, actress and a song writer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2005 at 36 years. It was not easy for her as the condition was misdiagnosed. She has been under painful chemotherapy and radiation sessions. For her remission from cancer was a miracle. She described her tough times as mixture of emotions while fighting something unknown. The star successfully fought illness and and still feels incredible anger and the traumatic life has left her with moral and physical scars.

8. Yuvraj Singh:


It was shocking for India when Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed of germ cell cancer during the peak of his career in the year 2011. The man of the tournament just after 10 months of the World cup wonder was ready for the battle. He had suffered with a cancer tumor in his left lung. This tumor was usually found in the male reproductive organ, but in Yuvraj’s case I was found in the upper area between his lungs, just above heart. He traveled United States for his treatment and underwent chemotherapy. This painful treatment did not let his spirits down. He posted photos posing with his shaved head on twitter. After 10 weeks of treatment he had won his match. Billions of prayers for his well being made him strong during treatment. He says that Cricket made him come back. Yuvraj survived hell and came back to International Cricket with a bang . He writes a memoir about his fight against cancer The Test of my Life: from Cricket to Cancer. Now he believes that living normal life is a blessing.

9. Christina Applegate:


Emmy and Golden Globe nominee, Christina Applegate had been detected with Breast cancer at early stages in 2008 when she was 36. She had been regular on mammograms from when she was 30 and had been diagnosed on this condition because of the MRI’s. Her mother Nancy Priddy also suffered from the same condition when she was 38. Even though she was aware of the family history she never dreamt that it would happen to her sometime. Christina elected to have a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery as she thought radiation treatment was temporary and wanted to get off the trauma for rest of her life. Christina says her health scare shifted her priorities completely. Right Action for Women, a foundation established by Christina that has raised money and awareness for support programs that provide low cost MRI screening for those women who possess high risk of breast cancer.

10. Sharon Osbourne:

Sharon Osbourne

America’s Got Talent judge Sharon Osbourne was detected with Colon cancer in 2002 at 49 years. With no family history of colon cancer Sharon had to undergo a surgery for removing the foot of large intestine. She had to undergo chemotherapy for killing the lymph node tested positive which had spread beyond the colon. Osbourne underwent resection surgery, the common surgery for most colon cancer conditions. Sharon also underwent a double mastectomy in 2012 as she carried a gene which increased the risk of breast cancer. She never wanted to get into the cancer cloud again. Sharon has established a cancer program which aims at providing help for cancer patients at Cedars-Sinars Medical Centers.