10 Fascinating Lesser-Known Facts About The Kardashians That Will Stir Your Curiosity

There is not even a single person in this entire world that does not know about the Kardashian family and is not interested to know about them. The whole of their public as well as private life is all over social media, and their fans are simply crazy about them. However, certain facts about them are so hush-hush that it is hard to find out the truth about them. So get ready to know the lesser-known facts about the famous, big Kardashian family!

10. Kris Jenner has her Own Church

Crazy as this sounds, Kris Jenner with the help of Pastor Brad Johnson has established her own Church. Called the California Community Church, you will be accepted here as long as you can pay $100 per month or even 10% of your total income to learn to put God before anything else in life.

9. Khloe Married Lamar After Only 30 Days of Dating

After only a month of dating, the duo decided to get married. The fans across the globe were shocked and surprised. Khloe herself was, but she decided to go with the flow. However, later, they got divorced in 2016.

8. Kim’s Will

A clause in Kim Kardashian West’s will states that even when she is incapacitated, her makeup and her hair has to be perfectly done! Surely, there are no excuses for her to not look absolutely perfect, always.

7. The Idea of a Reality Show

Kris’s friends always kept telling her that her family was completely crazy. Each member only just added a lot to its craziness. Over the years, this convinced Kris that they could make a great reality show and thus, Keeping Up With The Kardashians came into the picture.

6. Kendall and Social Media

It was because of Kendall Jenner that once, the cosmetic brand Estee Lauder gained massive followers on Instagram. They gained 50,000 followers in a day.

5. Kim’s Promotion

The queen of social media did all sorts of promotions she could. She even promoted the opening of some public restrooms.

4. Blow Dried Jewellery

Believe it or not, Kim Kardashian makes it a point to blow dry her jewelry before she wears it. Want to know why? She does it to avoid the cold feel of the jewelry on her skin. What a boss move!

3. Kourtney and Spiders

This Kardashian sister is awfully afraid of spiders. Once it so happened that there was a spider in Kourtney’s bathroom. As a result, she stopped using that bathroom for two whole months. Scary, is it not?

2. Kim and Celebrity Closets

Want to know how Kim made a living before she got famous? She used to clean out the celebrity closet. She has worked for Paris Hilton and Serena Williams among others.

1. Kris and Kourtney’s Store

Accept it! You have never ever heard of this. Before the reality show, the mom and daughter decided to open a children’s boutique that closed down in 2009.