10 Most Strange Buildings From Around The World That You Must Visit Once

Do you have an interest in architectural excellence? Perhaps you can find many such structures worldwide that can literally make you spellbound.  Well, after thorough research, we have listed some strange buildings which record huge footfalls throughout the year due to the transcendence of architectonics.

Let’s have a look at the ten such buildings which have attracted tourists all around the world.

10. Mind House (Barcelona, Spain):

This building is the work of renowned architect Antoni Gaudi, and it’s situated in Barcelona, Spain. If you ever visit Spain, never miss to have a glimpse at the building as it looks almost like a fairy tale structure; it just resembles a gallery. Gaudi managed to pave an indigenous system of roads that the tenants would drive up to the mansion.

9. Crooked House (Sopot, Poland):

It is a commercial building located in Sopot, Spain which is a popular spot for tourists and photographers. While in Spain, never miss this structure designed by Szotynsky and Zaleski.  The 4000 square meter building is a part of the Rezydent shopping centre.

8. Lotus Temple (Delhi, India):

Located in Delhi, this temple was inaugurated in 1986 and has been attracting over 70 million people per year. You will be overwhelmed to see the structure built like petals of a rose. The temple remains as the prime centre of worship for the Baha’i community. One of the best buildings ever built.

7. Cathedral of Brasilia (Spain):

The Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer designed this crown-like hyperboloid structure that appears like pinned to the ground. Take a look at the gorgeous glass ceiling and striking shape, which is intriguing like its rich history. The cornerstone was laid in 1958.

6. Casa Mila or La Pedrera (Barcelona, Spain):

The fascinating structure was designed by Gaudi and situated in Barcelona, Spain. Buy tickets to see the UNESCO rated world heritage listed building to admire the mosaics and kaleidoscopic murals. The stair columns to the exhibition hall will definitely impress you. It’s an accurate recreation of the bourgeois apartment during the 20th century.

5. Atomium (Brussels, Belgium):


Atomium marks the landmark of Brussels, which was built during the Brussels World Fair in 1958. Designed by architect Andre and Jean Polak, the 102-meter structure attracts foreign visitors from all over the world. Atomium represents the formation of an atom magnified 150 billion times and consists of 9 spheres.  Buy tickets to be inside the structure and feel the magnificence of engineering.

4. Kansas City Library (Missouri, USA):

One of the most unusual and striking features of Kansas City is the façade of the library that resembles a bookshelf. As you walk past the book titles, you will see the shrubs shadow them from complete visibility. The books are 25 feet tall and 9 feet wide and made from signboard mylar. You will be amazed by the cool tapestries and the ubiquitous background.

3. NCPA or National Grand Theatre (Beijing, China):


The National Theatre is a titanium accented glass dome that resembles an egg floating in the water. It has a seating capacity of 5,452 people and the dome measures 212 meters east-west, 144 meters north-south direction. Designed by Paul Andreu, this building stands as an iconic structure of China.

2. Eden Project (United Kingdom):


The Eden project is built as one of the most popular buildings of Cornwell, England in the UK. Inside the biomes, there are plants collected from diverse climates. Inaugurated in March 2001, the building is a high tech architecture that attracts millions of visitor each year.

1Montreal Biosphere (Canada):


It is a museum dedicated to the environment and you can find it at Parc Jean Drapeau. As perceived by Fuller, its architect, architecture exists in tandem with nature & mankind. The building design was no doubt an outcome of postwar modernism and Fuller’s material efficiency.