10 Unexplained And Mysterious Photos That May Give You Chills

Here are 10 Unexplained and mysterious photos that may give you chills. We click pictures to capture a glimpse of all the beguiling moments in our lives. With the power of the camera, we have come across a lot of mysteries which were never solved.

1. The time machine is real !?

time traveler

The first picture was captured in British Columbia in the year 1941. The person wearing glasses is claimed to be a time traveler due to his modern appearance and his high definition camera. Aren’t you wondering if the time machine is real?

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2. Gigantic Sea Creature

Giant Sea Creature

The picture was captured in the year 1964, Australia by a famous French photographer named Robert Serrec. Robert was on the coast of Queensland when he saw it and clicked its image. Many people give theories about this creature to be a mere finishing net. What do you think?

3. Falcon Lake Incident


In the year 1967, a man named Stefan Michalak claimed to have an encounter with aliens and this is what left these weird marks on his body. No one knows how these patterned burns on his body came. Do you believe him or the presence of aliens?

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4. Black Knight Satellite

Black Knight Satellite

This weird object is claimed to be orbiting our planet from around 13000 years. This picture was captured in the year 1960 and no country launched it. What do you think this object is? Is it a satellite sent by aliens to keep an eye on us? Who knows?

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5. Hessdalen Lights

Alien Lights

This mysterious yet beautiful picture of the ‘Hessdalen lights’ was captured in 1981. There is no believable explanation found for these unusual lights that were observed in the sky in Norway. They disappeared after being visible for a few seconds.

6. Neck


A frightening image was captured by the security camera in a US mall. As you can observe the neck of this woman is extremely weird and unrealistic.

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7. Woman on World Trade Center 9/11


This incident sends a shiver to our spine, but there is much more mystery to this picture. A woman was found waving her hands and calling for help at the time of the incident. She is standing on one of the highest floors of the building. What strange about this image is that this woman mysterious survived and no one knows how! Unbelievable isn’t it?

8. A glimpse of a demon


A dark shadow like a demon was seen by a nurse in a hospital. She claimed that she saw the demon-like creature dance over a patient. A few hours later, that patient died. Due to curiosity, hospital staff checked the security camera and were frightened to see this truth.

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9. Dead Twin Sister

In a house fire incident, a girl lost her twin sister. It was the year 1925 when the picture was taken, seems like she never left her.

10. Bright light on Mars


NASA’S Curiosity rover took this picture. Scientists are still trying to find out more about it.

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So, this is the list for the 10 Unexplainable and mysterious photos that may give you chills.

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