11 shoes a girl must have in her closet


Every girl who had ever done dress-up would have slipped her little feet into her mom’s favorite heels. After sidling for sometime and learning the ropes of this balancing act, she would have realized what it is about shoes that attracts every girl. It is of course a girl’s first love!

Shoes are so essential that they cannot be categorized as accessories. They complement your mood and project a lot about you. That is why we have put together this list of absolutely essential shoes a girl must make room for in her closet

1. Pumps

DesignerOutletParndorf_Bally_High Heels

Back to basics. A pump is like a good wine. It can go with any kind of attire and is timeless. Choose one in the rudimentary colors- nude, black and white because they are the to-go formal shoes in any girl’s closet. Opt for a pointed-toe pumps if you are in the heavier side. The trick is in finding the perfect heel length, especially if you are the girl who gets a vertigo even on an inch high shoe. Neon pop, studded, metallic are the trends to watch out this season if you want to ‘stand’ apart. 

2. Ballet Flats

Ferragamo Varinas

These are like comfort food. Once you wear one, you may have your feet on ground (of course, this one has no heels) but you would still feel like you are walking on the clouds. This is for those days when you need style and comfort to combine and wrap your feet. You can wear a good pair of ballet flats to your office too, unlike the other comfortable shoes on the racks (think sneakers and trainers). Invest in branded flats for the running around in the office and buy street style for the grocery runs.

3. Boots

She Has New Happy Boots!!! - (Explored)


Trust me, boots are the only thing you will look forward to in the winters. There are ankle-length boots which go well with leggings and there are thigh-length boots, also called as riding boots. How you pair it usually depends on the dress you intend to wear. Whatever boots you plan to buy, please pay heed to this rule of thumb in fashion: Stay away from uggs and start to delve into the world of classy leather or suede boots.

4. Sandals with heels

a piece of me


A sandal is as trustworthy as a pump. You can make it dressy as well as pair it with an office appropriate skirt. Another reason why we love it is that it instantly gives an illusion of height. It is minimalist so ensure your feet is all pedicured and ready to shine. Sandals with heels are very versatile and come with a variety of strap lengths and styles.

5. Animal print shoes

leopard print shoes on sheepskin

This is for the days when you are in no mood to put together a dress and pair it with your accessories. A little black dress and a shoe with animal print details is enough to add some edge to your lazy day. It could be any type of shoe – a pump or a stiletto or a platform heels with peep-toes. But just ensure that it is about the prints.

6. T-strap heels


They are as flirty as a shoe can get and are perfect for parties. T-straps ooze vintage charm and make you instantly feel like a lady. Those experimental souls among you should pick one with studs like the gorgeous Valentino rockstud here and wear it in a contrast color to the dress.

7. Wedges

White House Black Market sandals ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more wedge high heels)

Think of wedges and think of summer. Wedges allow you to flaunt that new pedicure and come in such beautiful bright colors. They are a must-have if you stay in a tropical place. They are by far the most comfortable pair of heels that you can own. So those with the vertigo fear, start experimenting with this one.

8. Stacked heels

clear heels


Unlike the pointed stiletto ones, the stacked heels are comfortable while providing you height, which is the reason they are the preferred shoes of older ladies. But right now they have come back on the ramp with a vengeance and the fashion world is digging it! Metallic ones like this one here are the perfect stacked heels for those who want their feet to do all the talking.

 9. Flat sandals

August 2013 Women’s Flat Shoes and Sandals

Perfect for the globe trotters among you, flat sandals are breezy. It is a summer staple like the wedges. Buy them from flea markets to add some street style in your closet. They are versatile and come in different shapes and styles. Explore a new flavour every season!

10. Sneakers



A sneaker paired with your favorite denim is the fantasy of any girl who detests dressing up. Sneakers fall in the comfort spectrum of the shoe world. But that doesn’t mean they don’t make statements. Glitter and metallic tinges, neon pop colors and even studs have seeped into the sneaker world. Wear an ankle-length sneaker with a legging to make you look taller!

11. Trainers

Self portrait...


Even if you don’t work out, having a running shoe in your closet is quite handy, especially if you are working in a place where there is lot of running around to be done. Even if you have a passive lifestyle, just consider this scenario: your next date is a fitness junkie and invites you to join him to a half-marathon. What would you respond?It is our motto to be ready for anything: fight or flight. Especially flight. So do yourself a favor and get a sturdy trainer for all those situations in your life when shoes should be just synonymous to comfort.