11 Weird Asian Foods – How Many Would You Dare to Try?


Ah! The good old world of food. Comforting, delightful and delicious and occasionally daring. In this article, we’re exploring the daring bit of food that comes to us from Asia.

11Turtle jelly – Guilinggao

Originating in China, this dish is made from the powdered shell of a tortoise which is put in to boil with herbs for a long time until it becomes jelly-like. Originally made for medicinal purposes, this weird Asian food has become a dessert today.

10Fried Tarantulas

This one is ultra-popular in Cambodia and is widely available as a relatively cheap snack. It is during the reign of Khmer Rougue that the people started frying tarantulas as there was a shortage of food. It is said that the taste of the tarantulas is similar to that of cod and chicken.

9Chicken Blood Cubes

A favourite in Asian street food, the chicken blood is hardened, grilled and skewered. Resembling brownies or even tofu, this one

8Drunken Shrimp

Usually when you see a dish with the word ‘drunken’ in it, it is assumed that it is cooked in some kind of an alcohol. However, that’s not the case with drunken shrimp which is very much alive, drunk and swimming in a pool of alcohol which makes its movements slow. The eater is supposed to first decapitate the shrimp and then eat the body.


This Japanese Pufferfish is ultra-lethal A chef has to carefully remove the poisonous part of the fish and make sure other parts do not get contaminated. If not cooked carefully, consumption of Fugu can lead to death. Only chefs who have gone through rigorous training of three or more years can prepare this fish.

6Tuna Eyes

No one likes to eat while being stared at. However, in this case, it is your food itself that seems to be staring at you. Extremely popular in Japan, the texture of these eyeballs is slimy (obviously) and they’re usually surrounded by fish fat.

5Moving Octopus Tentacles

Let’s make one thing clear at the very beginning – no, the octopus isn’t alive. However, due to the presence of nerves in these tentacles, they can continue to move for a while even after the octopus has been killed. Of course, to someone that isn’t used to eating this dish, the moving tentacles can still be very hard to consume.


This one is a popular Korean street food. Silkworm pupae are taken, boiled or steamed, put in a cup with a toothpick and served. Pupae is the stage of transformation of some insects, including silk worm.

3Fish Sperm – Shirako

Shirako, a Japanese term literally translates to “white children”. To be more accurate, it is the genitalia sacs containing sperm of fish –  usually, cod fish. Extremely popular and widely popular in Japan, this one is said to be an acquired taste.

2Bird’s Nest Soup

The nests used to make this soup are made from solidified saliva hence, the soup too, is primarily bird’s spit. This one comes from China where it is said to be highly prized as it’s believed to be good for one’s health. It’s also not easy on the pockets and wallets.


Okay, brace yourselves! This Filipino dish is a duck egg but the yolk has partially developed as a baby duck. The half-developed baby duck embryo is boiled alive and eaten in the shell itself.