12 Coolest Creative Coca-cola Can Designs!

The revolution of the great cola flavor was brought in this world by Coca Cola, founded by John Stith Pemberton in the late nineteenth century. This soft drink, which is actually carbonated, is one of our favorite go-to drinks when we’re thirsty or we just want to get rid of the heat. We all know how the bottle of Coca Cola looks today, but that is not the only variant of the bottle that Coca Cola has been into. There were many kinds of bottles, and in fact, there are many creative variants even today, in which Coca Cola is packed into.

We bring you a list of such creative bottle and designs!

12.The small 8-ounce cans

These cans looked very much like the cans that we see today for the beverages sold by the Coca Cola company. These cans were introduced in Russia and served only 8 ounces of the soft drink. Hence, the can look comparatively smaller.

Coolest & Creative Coca-cola Can Designs!

11.The bright yellow Coca Cola bottle

Very few people had seen these bottles. These bottles were made exclusively for Selfridges, which is a departmental store and the color was chosen because it was the signature color of the store. This was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company.

10.Roberto Cavalli and his art

The popular Italian designer and Coca Cola collaborated to make some designs on the bottles of Coca Cola and we are really impressed by the creation.

9.Nathalie Rykiel and her art

This other fashion designer also collaborated with Coca Cola to give her own masterpiece in a bottle. This is so classy!

8.The Christmas Cola bottle

For the occasion of Christmas in 2008, Coca Cola made circular flask-shaped bottles to serve their beverages, very different from the usual coke bottle that we know.

7.The Magnificent 5

In 2005, Coca Cola introduced 5 aluminum contoured bottles and called it the Magnificent 5 or the M5. The company had made a statement that this design was aimed at the creative customers.

6.The early phase

When Coca Cola came to the market, it wanted to have a bottle designed in such a way that it could be easily identified even if the bottles were broken or if it were dark. These designs were the first drafts.

5.The Hutchinson Style

This was the first ever Coca Cola glass bottle. This bottle made Coca Cola one of the most famous drinks all over the world because people were allowed to take this drink home, at the sake of this glass bottle.

4.The Limited Edition

For the summer campaign of 2009, Coca Cola had released 8 different designs for their bottles.

3.The Chill Pill Bottle

The company had released a bottle made up of aluminum that was supposed to keep the drink inside it chilled for a few minutes but kind of needed a vending machine for temperature regulation.

2.The drink of the sports

In 1992, Coca Cola Olympic games, there were new cans designed that had designs of swimming, basketball, cycling, gymnasts, etc.

1.The Light White Bottle

The bottle was all white in color with red branding and designs. It was a Manolo Blahnick’slimited edition bottle, from 2009.