13 Albino Animals That You Never Know Existed

Before we talk about albino animals it is important to know what albinism actually is.  Albinism is a disorder that results in complete or partial loss of pigmentation in some animals. The animals suffering from albinism have a complete white appearance or pink and pale blue eyes. Although these animals have to go through a lot to ensure their survival in the wild because of poachers and predators. The albino animals that are fortunate to be born in a zoo can have relatively easy-going life as compared to those living in the wild.

Here are the 13 most popular cases of albino animals!

1. Kangaroos

Though Australia has a wide range of kangaroos but the albino are rare. Most of them are often kept In the zoo but there is information regarding albino kangaroos outside Australia’s capital.

2. Zebras

It’s rare but there are some zebras who suffer from a disorder similar to albinism named leucism which results in pale white color.

3. Caribou

Its strange features make it appear like a harry potter character. These species are not very common which makes them quite precious. We have information regarding quite a few appearing in the Alaskan wilderness.

4. Domestic dogs

For a dog to be considered as an albino animal it is necessary that there should be a complete loss of pigment in body, fur and eyes or to most precisely say that an albino dog has a white body, pink nose, and pale eyes.

5. Sea Turtles

These albino sea turtles have now occupied their place in the world’s list of endangered species. They are so rare that we have only quite a few pictures of them.

6. Alligators

We know that alligators are quite common in Southeastern America but albino alligators are not common. We only have 2 dozen of albino alligators all of them are kept in confinement because their distinctive feature makes them the easy prey to predators.

7. Domestic Rabbits

Although rabbits naturally have that white essence the best to find out if your rabbit is an albino rabbit or not is to look at his eyes. If he has a pink eye or partly a red one, then he is an albino rabbit.

8. Humpback Whales

These types of whales have a tinge of yellow color on their body and are most particularly identified on the coast of Australia and Norway.

9. Domestic Cats

You cannot say that all cats which are white in color are albino cats the proper way to find one is to check out their eyes, albino cats generally have red, pale blue and pink which makes them different from others.

10. Ghost Moose

They have a white color which covers them perfectly in Northern Ontario, Canada snow cover but once it’s over they become more identifiable to predators.

11. Snow Humming Bird

They are more commonly found in North America. Their speed factor makes them difficult prey for predators.

12. Bleached Bugs

The disorder of albinism is found in lobsters. Their albinism makes them appear like swimming.

13. Albino Gorilla

The problem of albinism can also be found in gorillas.