13 Weird And Bizarre Inventions It’s Hard to Believe Actually Exist

There have been so many inventions in the past century and all of them have made our lives easier, but just like everything else, some of the inventions happen to be quite bizarre.

1. Picnic Pants

For those who have wanted to use their lap as a table and failed, this is it. An Italian company called Aqua Calda created these pants that have a harem light flap between the legs that can be used as a table with just the spread of the legs. There is also a pocket for you to keep any beverage. Now, you can enjoy your meal.

2. Exhaust Burger

This is an attachment that uses the heat from your car to cook a burger without letting the toxic fumes enter your hamburger patty.

3. Dine Ink

Sold by a company named Fred and Friends, this is an invention in cutlery that turns your writing utensils into eating utensils. This became popular among people who have long shifts and college students who forget to carry their eating utensils to eat.

4. Anti-Pervert Stockings

This one is both bizarre and gross because this one is used by women to make their legs appear hairy that makes them look unattractive and hence avoid the not required attention by perverts. This one has done a great job and indeed a great business.

5. Full-Body Umbrella

They became popular in China and Japan and also in some other parts of the world as the traditional umbrella fails to keep our legs and shoes dry. The full-body umbrella keeps you dry from head to toe and also protect your shoes.

6. The Scooter Stroller

Also called the Roller Buggy, this is a baby carriage that transforms into a scooter. Designed by Valentin Vodev, it is easy to use with just a pull of the lever and it makes you easily get through the crowds and reach your destination on time while having a constant watch at your baby.

7. Selfie Stick

Coming from 2015 and laughed at a lot when people from Japan used it to get a photo of themselves, groups and the surrounding area. These are helpful for people who are traveling solo and can’t always get someone to get their photos clicked. Now it has become one of the biggest consumer items.

8. Hug Me, Pillow & Leg Pillow

Hug Me Pillow, also known as the dream man pillow which is half chest and am arm so you can sleep on, and get a feeling of being with a real man. Similarly, for men, there is the leg pillow, which is a pillow in the shape of a lap and legs of a woman. If you’re lacking human interaction, this is what you need to comfort yourself.

9. Beard Hat

This was invented to simulate the warmth of a human beard and is now a profitable business running since 2006. Most people buy the beard Hat from the company Beard Head. The company now offers different styles of a beard as well.

10. Wearable Sleeping Bags

Sold by a company named Musuc, this sleeping bag has sleeves and pant legs that are very mobile so you don’t have to worry about them when you’re sleeping. This invention has become popular among campers and has also influenced a lot of people to go and do camping.

11. Portable Toilet paper Dispenser

Do you also have problems with sneezing everywhere and find it too much of a hassle to carry tissues around? This is just for you. Just start carrying a toilet paper dispenser over your head.

12. Duck-billed Muzzle

If your pet dog is scaring people away because it bites too much then get your dog a duck muzzle. This is harmless for your dog and would prevent your dog from biting others. It’s a win-win situation!

13. Baby Mop Romper

Babies crawl on the floor a lot and guess what? You can use their crawling to clean your house without any extra effort of your baby. The baby mop romper is like a baby’s garment that cleans the floor as the baby crawls on it.