14 Strangest Canned Foods That Will Make You Retch!

Food is a basic necessity but it’s us who are very choosy when it comes to what we want to eat or not. We pack up a lot of food when we’re going for some camping, trekking or just a bonfire, canned food generally. Canned foods seem to remain fresh for longer than the ones that are not canned. But, canned food is not always the way we think them to be. Sometimes we can be surprised with what we find inside our cans, and today, we a list of some of the strangest canned foods that are available in different parts of the world which might just make you say, “What the Hell?”

14.Fish Mouths in a Can

We cannot figure out that why would anyone be eating fish mouths in the first place. These cans contain fish mouths with pointed teeth in with the stock and it’s gross.

13.Silkworm Pupae in a Can

Korea has a craze for these Pupae. The Pupae are packed in a can and are stewed and seasoned. These are highly preferred as bar bites.


12.Bird’s Nest Drink in a Can

The Chinese love the Bird’s Nest Soup and yes, they sell it in cans as well. They consider this as a delicacy.

11.Pork Brains in a Can

We would not be surprised if everyone left the table if we said that we have pork Brains for dinner. And guess what, they can it in a milk gravy.


10.Crocodile in a Curry Sauce, Canned

We cannot believe that crocodiles are eaten in the first place, and it comes in a can, with hot curry sauce. This seems scary.



9.Tongues of Lamb in a Can

Lamb is really delicious, but having tongues of these lambs is something that people don’t usually think of. It is strange to find out that they are sold in cans.

8.Duck Fat in a Can

We are all avoiding fats in our lives, and we imagine why would people buy just the duck fat packed in a can?


7.Cheeseburger in a Can

Cheeseburgers are awesome, and Americans have it pretty much every day. Originating from Sweden, but people doubt the quality of the burger.


6. Roasted Crickets and Eggs, in a Can

Various studies say that eating insects are going to be a thing in the future, but we are still not accustomed to this idea, especially in our cans.


5.Rattlesnake Meat in a Can

Snakes are venomous and a lot of people fear them, and we are sure that no one expects the meat of a rattlesnake in a can they have bought from the supermarket.


4.Haggis in a Can

We expect Haggis as a dish that is made in our kitchen, but getting Haggis with all the seasoning, oatmeal and other ingredients studded into a sheep stomach and selling it in a can is simply that we cannot digest.


3.Whole Chicken in a Can

Canned meat does not have that great quality, and the whole chicken in a can, with some gelatinous goop coming out of the can, is Grose.


2.Scorpions in a Can

Like snakes, scorpions are also venomous, and their sting can be fatal. The Thai eat scorpions, and this comes from Thailand.

1.Reindeer in a Can

One of the healthiest red meats one can eat, with just 2% fat content, but madly expensive deer meet, packed in a can isn’t very appealing.