15 Mysterious Forests That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Forests are some of the most peaceful and pure ecosystems existing on the Earth. As cities are developing into urban jungles, one needs to escape to nature’s abode once in a while.

People have even made plans to build homes in areas of forests, owing to the calm and pretty surroundings. Planning to build one too? Well, here are some options which will definitely impress and confuse you at the same time as each one is more beautiful than the next! I would  love to get lost in any of these forests on this list, seriously !

1# ‘The’ Mountains, Czech Republic

‘The’ Mountains, Czech Republic

2# Misty Forest

10 Misty Forest

3# Nagoya Japan

Nagoya, Japan

4# North Greenwich, London, England

9 North Greenwich, London, England

5# Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

#1 Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

6# Itay


7# Otzarreta Forest Basque Country, Spain

#6 Otzarreta Forest Basque Country, Spain

8# Chinese Hemlock Trail, Taipingshan Taiwan

Chinese Hemlock Trail, Taipingshan Taiwan

9# Haute-loire, France

Haute-loire, France

10# Moss Swamp, Romania

#2 Moss Swamp, Romania

11# Ghost Tree Forest Mt. Seymour, British Columbia


12# Hallerbos Belgium

#4 Hallerbos Belgium

13# Stanton Moor, Peak District, UK

11 Stanton Moor, Peak District, Uk

14# White Carpathians

#3 White Carpathians

15# Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic

#5 Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic


image credits: boredpanda.com