25 Interesting Dates To Consider This Valentine’s Day

Given the fact that this Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend rather than a weekday, there is so much more that you can do, apart from the usual dinner date.


1. Breakfast Date


Wake up, get dressed, feel good and head over to a breakfast joint for some delicious pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon and what not!


2. Cook or Bake Together


Whether it’s a cake, or a pizza, just invest some time, play some music and get down and dirty to making something delicious.


3. Couple’s Massage


Nothing like a relaxing massage after a long week. Ask the spa if they can light some candles or play your favourite music and perhaps keep a bottle of champagne ready?


4. A Day At A Resort


Well, you have the entire day, so might as well make use of the entire day. Head over to a resort on the outskirts of your city. Dine, wine, swim and have yourselves a lovely day!


5. Mock Camping


Well, major brownie points if you can arrange for actual camping but in case you cannot, pitch a camping tent in your living room or garden or balcony and mock camp for the night.


6. High Tea

afternoon tea

Turn the afternoon snooze time into something absolutely wonderful. An afternoon tea can actually be nothing short of an epic meal in itself. Scones, pastries, cookies, sandwiches and of course tea. In fact, many places even offer champagne as a part of the deal! Perfect way to bring in the sunset on Valentine’s Day.


7. Art & Wine

painting date

Buy a canvas, or two, switch on some soothing music, open a bottle of wine and get down to painting. There are many ways you could do this. Join together to make one big painting, paint separately, but the same thing, paint two parts of one theme or simply try paint a portrait of one another.

8. Brunch


Brunches are easily one of the best meals ever. It stretches over a couple of hours, combines the best of breakfast and lunch and overall, has such a relaxed vibe to it.  Perfect for a Saturday Valentine’s.


9. Bartenders For The Night


Look up some exotic cocktails and get down to bar-tending. Either you each take a turn alternatively or make all of them together. And prepare for a happy high evening.


10. Book A Room At 5 Star Hotel

hotel room

Make a dash to a nice luxury hotel in your city. There’s something about hotels that is so exciting,  and the change of scenery can do wonders.


11. Book A Private Salsa/Tango Class


But don’t just show up in your track pants and tees. Dress up and then go over for the class. And make sure to give a heads up to the instructor to keep the class light, fun and sexy.


12. Do A Photoshoot Together


Create a theme and hire a photographer who can take do a photoshoot with you two together. Given the fact that it’s a Saturday, you’ll have plenty of time to execute this idea.


13. Spend The Day At A Vineyard


Sip some lovely wine, look at good views and enjoy happy vibe.


14. Truth Or Dare With A Twist

t and d

Give it a slightly sexy twist and you’ve got yourself a very interesting game of Truth and Dare.


15.Dessert Date


Bakeries and cafes are full of the cutest and most interesting desserts on Valentine’s Day. Make a platter of them and indulge, with a glass of coffee each. Head over to a cafe or bring them up at home.


16. Progressive Dinner


An interesting twist to the regular dinner, start with drinks and appetizers at one place, head over to another for main course and finally a different one for desserts.


17. Build A Fort

pillow fort


The good ol’ forts can actually be very romantic if done right. So set one up at home, maybe even decorate it with a few fairy lights. Eat, read, sleep, or do as you please inside.


18. Go Cycling


Do you have a pretty neighbourhood, park or lake in your city? An evening cycling trip around it at the time of sunset can be incredibly romantic, fun and unique.


19. Movie Marathon Cuddled In Bed


Pick out a few movies and spend the day in bed, lazing around, cuddling and watching the movies back to back with some candy, popcorn and food that you two would love.


20. Splurge On Ordering In

dinner 2

Make a list of your favourite dishes across all restaurants and then get them over to your house and indulge!


21. Head Over To The Planetarium


While it’s always exciting to think of just packing up, driving outside the city to gaze at the stars, not everyone can really do that. The next best thing? The planetarium! Don’t forget to take some music and headphones along to block the voice over of the person who speaks about the stars. That would be the last thing you’d want to listen to, unless of course, you’re really interested.


22. Break The Day Into 2 & Surprise One Another

So say 10-5, you get, and 4-12, your partner. Each of you plan a fun surprise for one another during your allotted part of the day. Both get to plan, and both get to be surprised or pampered. Double win!


23. Have A Full Fledged Date Across Your Entire House

Identify various corners and rooms in your house and assign a part of the date to them. For example, the living room for slow dancing, a cozy nook for some fondue and wine, the balcony for the meal and maybe desserts while you’re in for a hot water bath with some candles and lovely bath salts.


24. Home Picnic


Go the entire way with a bedsheet, a picnic basket, some delicious sandwiches (or whatever food you prefer), cookies, chips, books, blankets, etc. Set aside a part of your house for this and clear out the furniture and have an indoor picnic! And don’t forget to dress accordingly!


25. Gift Hunt


Decide on a budget and it doesn’t need to be to high. Decide on a store. Give one another half an hour. And the person who can bring out the most number of gifts in the stipulated budget, wins.