3 Extreme Cases Of Lying and Deception That Will Leave You Stunned


1. The Woman Who Faked Cancer


Jessica Vega faked, what most of us would even shudder to think about – a deadly disease like Cancer, all in a bid to get her lover back. It worked, yes, and she even got her man to agree for marriage but that is when things took a crazy turn. Word got around about the “sick” bride and soon, not just friends and family, but even strangers came forward to support the couple to get their dream wedding. It was only after the honeymoon did the husband realize that something was amiss and upon investigating, figured that his wife had been lying all along.

Jessica was jailed for two months and was even ordered to pay back to anyone who had donated to her. The sum came up to a whooping $13,000!

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2. A Not So Perfect Life


It did seem like one though. Nicholas and Christine had been together since college. They were married, had two children, pregnant with the third, and were your sweet next door family. However, on Feb. 13th, 2008, all that changed. Nicholas went to work in the morning, but never came home.

After much investigation, the police discovered that Nicholas had been living a double life with other one being full of more women, sex clubs, adult dating websites and more. In fact, he even had a secret bank account to pay for these things!

Christine eventually filed for divorce and Nicholas was ordered to pay up for child support, but the payment only came through once, before he disappeared again. He was spotted once more, and it’s hard to imagine he was once the loving father and husband.

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3. A 9/11 Survivor? Apparently Not!

tania Head

Tania Head’s life changed on 9/11. She was working on the 96th floor of WTC’s South Tower, when tragedy struck.  She was injured, with her arm even burned and almost amputated, but she survived, thanks to a man who was wearing a red bandana. Her fiance, Dave, who was working in the North Tower was unfortunately not so lucky. Tania however, went on to take it all in her stride and became an inspiration to those associated with the tragedy. She was involved with support groups, fundraisers, memorial events and what not!

But all this was a lie! Her real name was Alicia Esteve Head. She was from Spain and had sustained the injuries on her arm due to car accident years back! So was anything true? Yes, Dave. But just the fact that he really did exist and died in the North Tower. She had no connection to him whatsoever.

Tania, or rather, Alicia, gained nothing out of the whole fabricated story. But why she went ahead with it, no one knows.

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