5 Crazy Mid-flight Death Stories


Getting seriously sick on a flight is most definitely scary! These are 5 tragic and crazy stories about mid flight deaths are sure to give you goosebumps.


1. The Woman Who Spent 9 Hours Next To Her Dead Boyfriend

As dark as it sounds, this story is just tragic, more than anything else. Robert Rippingale and his girlfriend Vanessa Preechakul were flying to Aukland on a Jetstar flight in 2011. A little over an hour into the flight, what Vanessa initially thought was uncontrollable laughter, was a major trouble sign. Robert was having difficulty breathing, he could not talk, his eyes were rolling and his lips were turning purple.

There was a doctor, as well as a couple of nurses on board, but Robert could not be saved. 90 minutes into the flight, he was declared dead. Robert’s body was moved to the crew’s resting area and was covered with a blanket. Vanessa, who obviously wanted to be by her boyfriend’s side for the last few hours was given permission to sit by him for the remainder 9 hours of the flight.

Rippingale appeared to be suffering from a pre existing heart condition.


2. Elderly Couple Flying Plane: Husband Dies, Wife Lands The Plane Successfully

Helen & John Collins, 80 and 81 years of age respectively were flying on a twin engine airplane with John at the controls. When he fell unconscious and died suddenly, it was up to Helen, the only passenger on the plane to land the plane.

Thankfully, a certified pilot was able to fly alongside her as well as coach her. During the flight, the not only did the pilot die, but the plane’s engine ran out of fuel and the plane lost power! Thankfully, Helen was able to land the plane safely!


3. The Flight Where The Pilot Died

We pretty much hand over the lease of our lives to pilots when we’re flying, so imagine how absolutely terrifying it would be when one of them dies mid air!

In 2015, Micheal Johnston, 57 died while he was flying a plane from Phoenix to Boston after suddenly falling ill. Thankfully, the co pilot was hale and hearty and landed the flight safely in Syracuse, New York.


4. Ebola Fears!

Remember the outbreak of Ebola? It was most definitely scary AF! Now imagine if you are in a plane and a passenger dies mid flight, presumably of Ebola. That is exactly what happened on a flight from Nigeria to USA.

A 63 year old Nigerian man fell ill mid flight and passed away after a bout of vomiting and thus began a nightmarish flight for the other passengers because one, Ebola and two, it’s a closed plane, mid air, with nowhere to go!

A team from Center for Disease Control & Prevention met the flight at the gate and after an exam, it was figured out that the man died of a heart attack and not Ebola. Phew!


5. Zombie Tale, Mid Air


(Picture from Facebook)

As fictional as it sounds, this story is very much real. On a flight from Lisbon to Dublin, 24 year old John Kennedy Santos Santos Gurjao from Brazil bit another passenger. He was then handcuffed by the crew but he only seemed to get worse from their. Shaking violently and making strange noises, John eventually lost consciousness and died.

It was later revealed in an autopsy that he had 80, 10 gram pellets of suspected cocaine in his stomach and it is the possible bursting of one, that most likely killed him.