6 Children Who Live Normal Lives With Even Half A Body

Most of us consider just lying back and giving up when we’re ill. Well, that’s not an option when you have a permanent disability. For some kids, their tragic circumstances have led to life-changing injuries but they’re not sitting back and feeling sorry for themselves. These permanent disabilities can bring nightmares to us, but there are people who face this issue every day. We have a list of kids who have permanent disabilities and yet are living their lives without hassle. Some of them live normal lives with even half a body.

6. Eileen Cronin

Eileen Cronin was four years old when she realized that she looked different from her friends and the reason why they were so different was that Eileen has no legs and she’s missing some fingers. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Eileen was born in 1960 and she strongly believed that her deformities were caused by thalidomide. However, her mother always denied taking the drug. Thalidomide was produced to limit morning sickness but it actually caused thousands of babies to be born with malformed limbs. Despite being the only one in her family born with such a disability, Eileen quickly got used to her prosthetic legs but she said that she preferred the moments when she was able to take them off to go swimming like a mermaid while she’s no longer a child. Eileen has managed to live a normal life despite her disability.

5. Romeo Hadley

Romeo Hadley started complaining of extreme leg pain when he was just three years old. When his off mysterious purple blotches on his skin had spread very quickly. He was eventually diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening condition that had led his blood to clot, both of his legs were amputated during a ten-hour surgery. Romeo has always loved acting and his amputated legs led him to appear and Call the Midwife when he was just five years old. He hopes to one day star as Spider-man in a blockbuster movie.

4. Tony Smith

Tony Smith’s foster parents described him as beautiful but broken when they first met him. The three-year-old birth parents had abused him so badly, that he had to have both legs amputated. Tony had been admitted to the hospital when he was just 41 days old with multiple organ failure. Numerous factors and sepsis were detected and his biological parents were both sentenced to 10 years in jail for their horrific abuse towards their own child. Doctors warned that he might never be able to sit up or crawl but Tony has exceeded everyone’s expectations by doing both. As far as we know, he can now take steps with the help of a walker. He plays football in the garden and he can even do handstands on the trampoline.

3. Hugh Herr

Hugh Herr was a climbing prodigy. From a young age of 11, he started climbing the giant rock formations of Northeast America and he was tackling unconquered walls by 15. He even climbed without any kind of safety rope but disaster struck in 1982 when Hugh was 17 years old, he’d been scaling New Hampshire’s notoriously, challenging that Washington, when he fell into a river and caught extreme frostbite. The damage led him to lose both legs in the accident, but Hugh took this accident in stride. Now a grown-up, he has dedicated his life to producing incredible bionic limbs for everyone else who suffered a similar tragedy.

2. Billy Monger

A teenage Formula Ford driver with high hopes of an impressive future thought that everything was over when he lost both legs in a driving accident. Billy Monger was 17 years old when a horrific crash in England resulted in injuries that meant he might never race again, but Billy was determined to fight for his career and only a year later, was back in the driver’s seat. His special prosthetic legs give him amazing levels of control and a personalized car allows Billy to control the brakes with his hands. Thanks to his determination, he’s still well on his way to achieving his dream of becoming a Formula One driver.

1. Sienna Ward

Sienna Ward was just like any other 12-year-old girl until she was hit by a train back in 2017. The young school kid had been playing on the railway tracks when she was struck by a slow-moving rail car and was dragged about 500 feet. Her injuries kept her battling infections in a Philadelphia Children’s Hospital for weeks and she ended up losing both of her legs. Getting help from a wheelchair, Sienna is now back at school and is making the best of the situation, while her mother worries that Siena will be teased and taunted by school bullies. Siena doesn’t seem to be worried, she’s just focused on improving her strength and mobility.