6 Insane Beauty and Spa Treatments From Around the World

When it comes to beauty and spa, things can go a little over the top. We’ve seen some crazy treatments like fish nibbling away dead skin of the feet become incredibly popular around the world but these six beauty and spa treatments listed below take it to an absolute another level.

6. Beer Bath

Popular in Czech Republic and a few other Central European countries, beer bath involves guests submerging themselves in a tub full of ‘bath beer’ that is said to soften the skin, stabilize blood pressure and infuse the body with Vitamin B. The “bath” is usually no longer than 20 minutes and yes, you can call for a mug of beer, while you soak in beer!

5. Snails Facial

Here comes another beauty treatment that involves slimy live beings slithering across the client’s skin, however, in this case, it is limited to the face. The snail mucus is said to help smooth out wrinkles and slow down the ageing process.

4. Snake Massage

Coming in from Israel, this massage has the client lying down with non-venomous snakes slithering away on their bodies from head to toe. The benefit? Relaxation they say.

3. Geisha Facial aka Bird Poop Facial

The idea of putting any other living being’s poop on our face is probably seriously gross to most of us, but the world of beauty is on a different level. One of the most important ingredients of this facial is nightingale poop which is processed and mixed with a few other ingredients to create the facial. The benefits include healing damaged skin and overall, glowing and brighter skin.

2. Bull Semen Hair Treatment

The bull semen hair treatment, offered in U.K is supposed to condition the hair deeply. The semen is refrigerated before it is applied and is said to leave the hair shiny and soft. Also, just in case you were wondering – no the semen does not smell if that makes it any better.

1. Vampire Facial aka PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) Procedure

Made popular by reality queen Kim Kardashian, the vampire facial involves extracting the patient’s blood and putting it in for a spin in a machine that separates the red and white blood cells from the plasma. The plasma is then injected back into the face through micro-needles.

The science behind this facial is that as one grows older, the top layer of the skin becomes thinner, paler and duller. Injecting it with plasma rich in platelets is said to create collagen and help with the elasticity of your skin, among other things which help in giving the skin a youthful look.