6 Unbelievable People With Extra Body Parts

We see that people around us have two eyes, one nose, two ears, and almost the same features as we have, but sometimes, in the biological processes of development of a fetus, some complications occur during the arrangements of DNA into chromosomes or maybe an improperly carried process of fertilization. Whatever be the reason, sometimes people are born very different than normal human beings and in some cases, with one or more extra body parts. There are people around the world, who have one or more extra body parts since they were born. This puts them at a risk with their health and their life.

We have a list of such people from around the world who were born with extra body parts!

6. Jayan Varma – White

Dental problems cause pain and people fear losing their teeth and the pain that comes along with it. But Jayan Varma-White, son of Kavita Varma-White has an extra pair of incisors. This makes him worry less about losing teeth when he grows old because he has an extra pair.

5. Dan Aziere

This man has a very rare condition. It is called hereditary exostoses and this has caused him to grow an estimated of 92 bones in addition to the 206 bones in the body. By multiple surgeries, around 42 of them were removed by the year 2010 and some of them were of the size of a TV Remote Control. The condition is rare, that only 1,600 families in the world have it and a disproportionately high numbers coming from the Ojibwa population of Manitoba, Canada and in Guam. There is no cure but in a research, genes are to be blamed.

4. Brigham Nordstrom

If a person has three of an organ that others have only two, it’s quite discomforting. Even if a person has four of those organs, we will freak out, can you imagine someone with five kidneys? Back in the year, 2009 Brigham Nordstrom found that he had five kidneys when he went to the hospital for a kidney infection when he was 28. Each of his kidneys is fully functional. Doctors avoided keeping any of his kidneys to Barr an emergency, but it would cause problems with his nervous system.

3. Bethany Jordon

This person is full of unseen conditions inside his body. Bethany Jordon from Stourbridge, England, was born with her stomach on the wrong side of her body, and her liver misaligned. The heart was also out of place and having a hole in it and the most bizarre of them is, she has five spleens instead of one. This registers as an incident when a person has five of such an organ that is supposed to be only one in number. She is nicknamed Jigsaw Girl.

2. Antonio Alfonseca

He is known for being the 2000 leader his league in saves, making a total of 45. But, he is popular for having six fingers on both of his hands as well as an extra toe on each of his feet. Though his fingers are small enough to not interfere in his daily activities, especially the pitching, and these fingers are not functional at all. This man has been nicknamed the Octopus.

1. Stelios Arcadiou

Everyone on this list was born with extra body parts, but this person actually decided to get an extra tissue only for artistic reasons. This 69-year-old man, from Melbourne, Australia asked the surgeon to install an ear on his arm. It took him ten years to find a surgeon who would install an ear on his arm. The first attempt, in 1996, had failed because of an infection. But ultimately, the man got what he wanted. He is now nicknamed Stelarc.