7 Bizarre Medical Cases That Will Leave You Shocked!

Are you ready to jump into the crazy side of medicine and the human body? Be prepared to be wowed with these 7 crazy medical cases!

7. Sudoku Seizures

A German man, fond of Sudoku, happened to be trapped in an avalanche during a ski trip. While he was trapped in the chilling snow, he suffered from hypoxia – a condition wherein the brain and the tissues in the body do not get enough oxygen. Due to this, the victim sudden muscle twitches around his mouth and in the muscles of his legs when he talked or walked respectively. Not just twitches, the man also suffered from spontaneous left arm seizures. The doctors started him on anti-epileptic medicines and thought they had things under control. However, the seizures re-appeared but this time, with a twist. They only occurred when the man played Sudoku. After some testing, it was finally revealed that while solving a Sudoku puzzle, one part of the man’s brain went into an overdrive. This part was the same one that had been intensely affected by the hypoxia. The overuse of that part was what was causing the seizures. The man bid goodbye to Sudoku in order to bid goodbye to seizures.

6. The Boy Who Feels No Hunger Or Thirst

In October 2013, an 11-year-old boy – Landon Jones went to sleep with a full stomach with nothing amiss. However, the boy woke up the next day feeling no hunger or thirst and hasn’t felt it ever since. The strange condition left the family in a fix as the boy could hardly eat or drink and started losing weight rapidly. Landon’ parents try to get him to take a bite of a sandwich or take a sip of water to sustain him at the very minimum. As of 2014 (when the news of the boy came out into mainstream media), Landon was still not eating or drinking, had been through multiple medical evaluations and was suspected to be the first case of a kind. While doctors did have some suspicions as to what could have caused the condition, nothing ever really fit the puzzle 100%.

5. A Parent, But Not Really

This story could easily make an intense TV show or movie for in this case, the truth is certainly stranger than fiction. Lydia Fairchild, an American woman, was a mother of two boys and expecting a third one when she separated from her husband. She applied for child support in 2002 and as per standard practice, was asked to produce DNA evidence that her ex-husband was indeed the father. The results showed that while her ex-husband was indeed the father, she wasn’t the mother! Lydia was taken to court on accounts of fraud. They suspected that she was either involved in a surrogacy scam or was claiming benefits for other’s children. Even the hospital records from her births were disregarded, well, because, DNA is ultimate proof, right? Well, wrong!

As time came around for the birth of the third child, the judge ordered for a witness to be present at the birth and ensure proper blood samples were taken from Fairchild, as well as the newborn to test the DNA. The results came and once again, it wasn’t a match! At this point, we’ve got to give it up for her lawyer who came across chimerism – a condition wherein the cells of the unborn twins are absorbed by the surviving twin, giving him/her two sets of DNAs. In Lydia’s case too, it turned out to be DNA from an absorbed twin that made her a mother from another sister to her own kids.

4. An Unfortunate Smell and A Medical Mystery

In 1991, a man whose job was to dress chickens accidentally pricked his finger with a chicken bone. What followed the injury was his finger developing a putrid smell that could fill up an entire large room and was intolerable in smaller spaces. The doctors tried everything and a whole lot of remedies but nothing seemed to work. The unfortunate man had to live with the horrid smell for 5 whole years! It is said that the smell eventually disappeared on its own, leaving behind a mystery for the medical world.

3. Leg Saves The Day… Or In This Case – The Hand

When Ming Li, a 9 years old Chinese girl met with an accident one day, it not only resulted in a detached hand but a gravely damaged arm too. The damage was so bad that re-attaching her hand was out of the question. This was a problem because a hand cannot live without the body for long and be waiting for the arm to heal would mean Ming Li loses her hand. This is when the doctors came up with a bizarre, but extremely creative and efficient solution – attaching the hand to her leg! You see, the hand needs circulation in order to be alive but the thing is, it can get its circulation from anywhere in the body, and not just the arm. Thus, Li’s arm was attached to her calf for 3 months while her arm healed. Once fine, it welcomed the hand back with open arms! (Sorry not sorry for the pun!

2. Boy Who Urinated Live Beetles

Unfortunately, there’s no “catch” to that title and it is exactly what it says. In 2003, a 13-year-old boy from Kolkata, India. Chandan Goswami, the victim, discovered that the rove beetles were emerging from his crotch and flying away. The condition is known as ‘myiasis’ and it occurs when a human or animal body (dead or alive) is invaded by the larvae of a fly. Once hatched, the larvae come out through a breathable pore and pupate. Goswami’s condition was extremely rare due to two reasons: One, the condition is mostly seen in animals and not humans and two, the larvae seemed to be growing wings whilst still inside him.

Goswami had been suffering from a belly ache for quite some time before the insects were spotted. When Goswami spotted the first few insects coming out of his crotch, he claimed that no one believed him. When the parents saw the insects coming out of Goswami he was rushed to a doctor.

 1. A 46 Year Pregnancy

In 1955, Zahra Aboutalib was a 26-year-old who was scheduled for a C-section delivery. Residing in a village in Morocco, she was horrified to see a woman die during a caesarean delivery at the hospital. This caused Zahra to flee the hospital in horror. The labour pains continue for a few days and then stopped. She suffered no miscarriage. At the time, she thought her baby was a sleeping baby – A Moroccan folk in which tale which believes a foetus can be become dormant because of white and black magic and may be born after a long gestation period. As time passed by, Zahra moved on and went on to adopt children and live a fulfilling life. However, 46 years later, Zahra felt a pain in her abdomen and went in for a check-up. The doctors discovered a mass in her abdomen and referred her for more tests. It is then that it was discovered that the mass was actually a calcified foetus from her pregnancy. Zahra had suffered ectopic pregnancy wherein the foetus attaches itself in the fallopian tube. The Fallopian tube had burst and after the baby dies – the body calcifies the foetus in order to prevent infection, However, this is still very dangerous as the calcified foetus can press against and burst an organ but in Zahra’s case, it fused with the organs. The “stone baby” was finally taken out after a 4-hour long operation.