7 Bugs You Don’t Want to Come in Contact with

No one really likes bugs. The pests are often irritating and troublesome. However, there are bugs that are simply unlikable and there are bugs that are deadly. We present a list of 7 deadly bugs you’ll hope to never ever encounter.

7. Triatominae

Also known as vampire bugs or assassin bugs, these species commonly feed on vertebrate blood. Widely found in America, these bugs can cause Chagas disease as they are many of them, especially ones which are well adapted to living with humans, that carry the disease’s parasite. The Chagas disease is capable of, among many other things, enlarging the ventricles of the heart which can lead to heart failure. Do keep in mind that a few species of this bug are also found in Asia, Africa and Australia.

6. Paraponera Clavata

This one is commonly known as the bullet ant primarily because it is said that the pain of the sting from this bug is similar to that of being hit by a bullet. The sting is known to produce waves of burning, as well as a throbbing pain. What’s worse? the pain can last for up to 24 whole hours!

5. Oriental Rat Flea

Also referred to as ‘tropical rat flea’, this one is a parasite of the rodents as well as a vector for Murine Typhus and Bubonic Plague. The Bubonic Plague is a bacterial infection where in apart from fever, headaches and vomiting, the patient also suffers from swollen and painful lymph nodes which may occasionally even break open. The Murine Typhus causes muscle and joint pain and nausea and vomiting. It can also cause seizures, imbalance and a state of near unconsciousness.

4. Africanised Honey Bee

The fact that this bee is known as “killer bee” should give you a hint as to why it’s on the list. In 2014, a gardener in Arizona, USA was killed after he was attacked by a swarm of honeybees after it is said they became agitated with the lawnmower. It is said that he was stung over 1000 times. While the sting of Africanised Honey Bees isn’t more deadly than that of other species of honey bees, it is their defensive nature that makes them so deadly. The Africanised Honey Bees are extremely defensive, attack in a group and usually pursue the victim for much further on, sometimes even more than a kilometer. What’s worse? The Africanised Honey Bees are easily agitated by minor disturbances, many of which may even be 100 feet away.

3. Dorylus

Also known as Siafu ants, the bite of these ants is incredibly painful. The jaws of the Dorylus are incredible strong and often leave two puncture wounds on the victim. Removal of these ants after a bite is often difficult and at times, it is even possible that the ant is pulled into two but the grip of the jaws remain.

2. Red Imported Fire Ants

These ants thrive in urban areas and contain a venom that can be potent to many sensitive humans. The victims of these ants commonly experience intense burning and swelling. This is usually followed by the formation of pustules which can remain on the skin for a few days. In some cases these pustules may become infected and need medical intervention. In occasional cases,  a victim may suffer from anaphylaxis, which, if left untreated can be fatal.

1. Tsetse Flies

Extremely dangerous and also known as tik-tik flies, these flies are largely found in Africa. They feed on the blood of vertebrates and cause human sleeping sickness which can have serious effects on the lymphatic system as well as the central nervous system. If left untreated, the disease is mostly fatal. In cases where the diagnosis is made early, the disease can be cured with medicines.