7 Insane Chocolate Shops From Around The World


All the chocolate lovers around the world hoped and prayed for a ‘Golden Ticket’ when we saw ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ but of course, it was a dream we all knew, would always be unfulfilled. But if there is anything that comes close, it’s these chocolate shops from around the world.

1. Neuhaus Créateur Chocolatier, Brussels, Belgium


(PC: Edoderoo via Wikipedia)


(PC: Eugene Phoen via Flikr)

This luxury chocolate company was by Jean Neuhaus in the year 1857 with it’s first store in central Brussels, pictured above. Neuhaus is world renowned for its luxury chocolates, biscuits and ice creams. Today, this gourmet chocolate company has approximately 1,500 selling locations in 50 countries, but of course, nothing would beat visiting the original shop that has been around for over a hundred years! Neuhaus also has an online store which you can check out here.

Fun fact: It was Jean Neuhaus’s grandson, Jean Neuhaus II who invented the chocolate bonbon, or popularly known as Praline.


2. Theo Chocolates, Seattle, USA




(PC: Theo’s official Instagram account)

Founded in 2006 by Joe Whinny, Theo Chocolates is ban to bar chocolate company that’s on a mission to bring out the best in every cocoa bean. They offer tours to their retail store as well as factory. The factory tours are quite popular with the annual visitor number touching 50,000. They hold private and exclusive tours for groups and parties and even host regular events.

Also, did we mention their Instagram page is every chocolate lover’s delight?


3. Patrick Roger, Paris, France



(PC: Patrick Roger’s official website)

Patrick Roger makes sure no stone is left un-turned to bring to the world the best chocolates. He sources his products from the very best regions and makes no compromise when it comes to it. For example, the oranges he uses come all the way from Corsica and the peat-scented whisky is brought in from Scotland.

Patrick Roger has several stores across France, out of which many are in Paris and one in Brussels, Belgium. The one in the above picture is a Parisian store in the Faubourg neighbourhood. You can also shop for the chocolates online over here. 


4. Haigh’s Chocolates, Melbourne, Australia


(PC: Haigh’s Chocolate’s official website)

A famous Australian company, Haigh’s Chocolates has been around since May, 1915! Today, they have 14 retail stores across Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. But it’s the flagship store, that, but of course, stands out.

Located in a historic Victorian building, this chocolate shop is opulent, beautiful and majestic and the perfect place to sample and pick up artisan chocolates.


5. Melt, London, UK

Melt-London Melt-London-2

(PC: Melt’s official Instagram)

If Haigh is all about the opulent grandeur, Melt is the exact opposite, yet equally beautiful shop. White, minimal and sleek, Melt’s store aims to appease all the senses – sight, touch, smell and the most important of them all, taste!

Founded in 2006, Melt’s kitchen is in the store itself so you can see your chocolate being made right in front of you!


6. Mamuschka, Bariloche, Argentina


(PC: Mamuschka’s official Facebook page)

Bariloche is any chocolate lover’s dream, located in the Rio negro province in Argentina. It’s full of gourmet chocolate shops and Mamuschka is undoubtedly one of the most famous ones around! They have retained their exceptional chocolate quality and stepping into this store is most likely to transport you to another world all together.

Mamuschka has expanded it’s business and opened a few more stores across Argentina, but the one in Bariloche remains the most popular one, without a doubt!


7. Mary, Brussels, Belgium



(PC: Mary’s official website)

Founded in 1919 by Mary Delluc, this shop is one of the most renowned chocolate shops in the world! And even the country’s royals knew it! The chocolatier has held a ‘Royal Warrant’ since the year 1942! Step into the shop and the gorgeous interiors and carefully handcrafted chocolates will make anyone feel like royalty!


Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many, may more chocolate shops around the world that are beautiful, delightful and downright divine!

Do comment and let us know the ones that are your favourite, or on your travel list, or the ones you simply want to add to this list!