A Man Got Diagnosed With Brain Tumour After He Couldn’t Tell Jokes Anymore


Andrew, 34, was known to be a funny guy, cracking jokes and making people around him laugh. But suddenly, it seemed to Andrew that he had lost the ability to be the funny man that he was. He couldn’t seem to put words together and had a hard time telling jokes.

PC: DailyMail)

Eventually, Andrew decided to see his doctor who decided to run a few tests. While in between all the medical tests and reports, Andrew suffered a seizure only for the doctors to discover that he had a brain tumour, pressing on the part of the brain that is used for speech.

After undergoing a four hour long operation, Andrew was soon back to his old, sharp self.

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Goes to show that we should always be careful, because sometimes, even the smallest signs can be a hint to something bigger. And we’re just glad the inability to tell jokes saved Andrew’s life!