Abandoned Hotels With Amazing Histories


We live in a world of endless possibilities and creatures that exist. Many places in the world are so beautiful, they definitely require a visit. These tourist spots often lead to revenue from tourism and that’s something everyone likes. The places where most tourists come are the places with most hotels that are mostly occupied. While there are some amazing hotels all around the world, there are some that haven’t achieved the same feat. Some are just in the loss while some shut down. Some hotels were shut down for really weird reasons and some of them are so crazy and unbelievable that you would literally be shocked. These hotels were abandoned for reasons only they know and not many can understand the fact.

Below are some abandoned hotels that will give you chills:

Royal Hotel.

This hotel was built in 1833 in Birdsville, Australia. Birdsville is famous for its dust storms and emptiness that the city holds. The building operated for around 40 years when in 2016, the town’s population was just 140 and hence it was shut down for no business.

Red Tape Around Hotel.

This was built in Cornwall in 1910 and was really famous around the 1950s when the popularity started to decline and it had to shut down. In the 1990s the hotel went for a renovation but was under the bureaucratic red tape for unknown reasons.

City Plaza Hotel.

Everyone knows about the financial crisis of Greece and this hotel was one of the victims of it. The grand hotel in Athens is nowadays used by refugees fleeing persecution in the Middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan.

Canfranc International Station.

This hotel wasn’t intended to be a hotel, it was a train station first as you can see. But, later on, it turned out to be the most luxurious hotels in Spain. This hotel was shut down after the bridge that gives access to it collapsed and hence the train station.

Dechambeau Hotel.

This hotel was established in the late 1870s and was one of the most famous during its time. Bodie, California is the town this hotel resides and it’s now a ghost town after everyone abandoned the place.

Hank’s Hotel.

Calico in California is a town which had Arnold Schwarzenegger as it’s governer in 2005. This hotel was the victim of silver rush in the 1900s when silver lost its value and this hotel with it.

A Wartorn hotel.

In 1984, the Winter Olympics were host in Sarajevo a rich city in the former nation of Yugoslavia. With wars happening in the future, the place is nothing more than a wartorn place that can fall at any moment.

Haludovo Palace Hotel.

This was another hotel in what was called Yugoslavia which was another casualty in the wartorn place. This hotel was built in 1971 and had a smooth run making $45 million while it was active. It ran for 20 years until it went bankrupt in 1991 alongside the war.

Ben Moore Hotel.

This hotel started in 1945 in Montgomery, Alabama. This place was the first one to welcome African Americans as guests in the times of racism and then became an important place for civil rights leaders. Nowadays it sits idle and needing renovation which doesn’t seem likely.

Wayside Motel.

Not one of the least luxury hotels in this list but with quite a bad history. This was opened in 1945 in Grants, New Mexico. This hotel has changed many owners till date and was closed after a long time of failures on route 66 where it is. Route 66 is famous for it’s haunting sights and this hotel was a victim of that.