Amazing Facts That You Didn’t Know About The Sun


Sun, yes we all know about it and the importance it has in our lives, actually no, we have take it for granted. It’s high time that we sit up and take notice about the facts about this star whose presence makes life a lot better on the Earth!

# The big gas ball!

Sun is basically a big gas ball formed off helium and hydrogen gas whereas different parts of the sun rotate at different speed as well. This has been concluded by the scientists on Earth due to the fact that sun spots move across the surface of the star in a varied way! The area around the equator of the Sun takes at least 25 days to revolve whereas the poles of the Sun revolve at every 27 days period!!

# The power factor!

Each year the Earth is known to absorb around 94 billion mega watts of energy from the Sun!! This figure is so huge that it does not even match up to the total world’s energy usage as well!

# Sun is not yellow in color!

Yes, all that you were taught in the drawing school is nothing but a lie! Contrary to the popular belief that Sun is yellow, red or orange, it is actually white in color. The yellow color of the sun is a result of the blue light present in the Earth’s atmosphere instead!

# The heat factors!

Contrary to the popular belief that Sun is very very hot inside out, it is the Sun’s outer surface that is corona, which in itself extends a long distance from the Sun’s surface, is as hot where the temperatures can range as high as 1 million Kelvin!! However, the surface of the Sun is relatively much cold with a temperature average of about 6000 Kelvin!

# The tidal facts

Apart from giving us light and heat, sun is also responsible for the creation of the tides in the water bodies and actually accounts for 44 % of the Earth’s tidal energy while the moon is responsible for the rest!

# The advantages of a big size!!

As we know that the Sun is extremely hot from the inside and can reach a temperature level of 15 million degree Celsius as well, it is only for its enormous volume and size that creates so much gravity, otherwise Sun could have exploded all by itself. The explosion would have been due to its own energy levels!! My gosh!!

 # The transmission of light from Sun

The light that is emitted from the Sun takes a total of eight minutes to reach us on the Earth and this with the fact that the Sun is approximately 150 million kilometers away from the Earth too!! However, the time taken for light rays to reach Earth varies with the time of the year even though light is the fastest element in the entire universe!! Some young school stuff getting back, is it not?

# The Solar System & the Sun

In the ancient times when the technology was not that advance, people used to think that Earth was located at the epicenter of the solar system, but with time people realized their mistake and admitted the truth. With a diameter 109 times more than that of our planet, the Sun makes up for 99.8 % of all the mass which makes the Solar System in total and the other planet Jupiter makes up for nearly 0.2 % of the remaining mass leaving Earth no more than a speck of dust revolving around the Sun. And still we boast of what earth has!

# Earth will be consumed by the Sun one day!

Well, yes, this is true but wait!! You need not contact the NASA and book a land in Mars yet, if opportunity is there and you have got that kind of bank balance!! The phenomenon we are talking about here is going to take millions of years to turn into truth and if by then humans exist, they will have to encounter this as well. However given the kind of wars we are encountering, I have my doubts. Anyway, at one point of time in the distant future Sun will consume all its hydrogen gas and will start to use up the helium gas instead and then start to grow in such a manner that in a matter of another millions of years it will consume the Earth along with all the other planets in the Solar System as well!!! Thank god, I am not going to be there to encounter this unless I start believing in rebirths!

# Sun, the creator of a kind of wind!

Sun is also responsible for the creation of a certain type of wind also known as solar wind which consists of charged particles which travels through space at a speed of over 400 kilometers per second!! This solar wind when hits our planet has the ability to disrupt the communication system, computer systems and also satellites as well!

# The brightest among all!!

We all have the idea of how bright the Sun of our solar system actually is when suddenly we try looking at it!! However, it has to be noted that our Sun Is the brightest compared to the stars we know nearby as well! If we calculate our Sun in the brightness meter, out of the other fifty stars close by our Solar System, our Sun is the fourth brightest of them all!! That’s amazing, isn’t it?

#  Sun will decrease its volume one day similar to that of Earth!

It is pretty interesting to know that after Sun is done eating earth and the other planets of our solar system it will randomly collapse it itself leaving a white dwarf in size not any bigger than the current size of the Earth!

# Sun is celebrating its mid life at the moment!

This is an amazing fact that will amaze you for sure! According to astrophysics, the Sun of our solar system is just middle aged and is just 4.5 billion years old which means that it is done burning up at least half of the hydrogen it contains!! It is at this moment is also known as the “Yellow dwarf” too!!

# Sun’s energy factor & 3 minutes

You will be surprised to know that if all of the Sun’s energy is directed towards Earth, the cumulative strength can actually melt the earth’s crust in a matter of just 2 minutes!!! That’s something now!


image: savvyspreads