Are You Lazy? Then You Will Definitely Love These 15 Inventions! Don’t Miss The Last One!

None of us likes the hectic life we have and things that make our life mundane. And well, who doesn’t like to take a nap to escape for all the imperfections of life? Don’t worry, because maybe being lazy isn’t that bad at all, as there are some inventions that our laziness will fancy.

15.Motorized Ice Cream Cone for those who are too lazy to lick


Well, some of us might want to have an ice cream cone but find it too exhausting to lick from the cone and so, we have a motorized cone that does the work.

14.The Pet Petter

Pets are so cute and lovely but taking care of them could be really difficult sometimes. Well, maybe your issues are gone because the Pet Petter is an automatic device that will do the job and you won’t have to pet your cat anymore.

13.The canned Sandwich

Hungry for a sandwich and too lazy to make one for yourself? No problem! Just grab a canned sandwich. Take the can, open it and sink your teeth into the sandwich, that is available in a range of flavors.

12.The Butter Boss

Don’t worry about taking a knife to cut the butter and then applying it on a toast. This invention is for lazy people who are too lazy to do that. All you need to do is to just slide your butter over the top of the surface for that buttery goodness.

11.Desk Microwave

We understand how important your meal break is and you can’t waste it into going to the kitchen and heating your food. Just grab one desk microwave and do it all by sitting at your desk.

10.The Dual Climate Control Self Making Bed

Being lazy and clean at the same time doesn’t seem to go hand in hand until now because this bed makes itself and saves you some exhausting chores.

9.Self-Tying Shoes

You cannot punish yourself with being down each time you wear a pair of shoes to tie the laces. Get the shoes that tie themselves and save your time and effort.

8.Banana Slicer

Isn’t taking a knife to slice bananas too exhausting? Well, we got that covered too because this gadget can cut your bananas into uniform slices.

7.Spaghetti Twirling Fork

Enjoying noodles and spaghetti becomes much more interesting with this one because you won’t even have to put efforts to twirl your fork to get the noodles, it can be done by the fork automatically.

6. The bottle opening remote


Imagine enjoying your favorite show on TV and then going up to look for a bottle opener. Too annoying! Well, this is a remote that can also open your chilled beer bottles.

5.Prism Glasses


You can cause yourself some back pain if you try to read a book while lying down on your back. These prism glasses allow you to read the words easily from the prone position.

4.The Pootrap

You must be loving your pet but we know that cleaning their poop is gross and you don’t like it. But once you get the Pootrap attached to your pet, you don’t have to bend down to clean their poop.

3.The Pour Thing



Why lift a heavy bottle of juice when you can just put the bottle on the pour thing? Do the minimal lifting and enjoy your juice.

2.The self-stirring mug

Making a cup of coffee or some good refresher from concentrate and too annoyed to do the stirring? Just get one of these because the motors will stir the stuff for you well and good.

1. Battery operated Scissors

Just cut with the efforts of this machine by only pressing a button. Your work will be done in seconds.