Banana Peels Aren’t Trash, They Can Be Used For Many Things

Banana is a great fruit and one that is used for many things. Banana isn’t just a fruit, it is used for many other eatable things like chips, salads, etc. Just like many other fruits, banana isn’t just found outside waiting to be eaten, it has a layer around it. The layer is to be peeled off and then thrown to enjoy delicious fruit. But, these peels of fruits aren’t just trash, they can be used for many things and the best use we know of it is seeing people fall down after stepping on it. This happens regularly, in cartoons, movies and all, but there are actually good and recyclable uses of the peel that most of you don’t know about.

Let us educate you about some of these uses of banana peels:

You can make your garden bed using banana peels.

Banana peels are amazing fertilizers and one of the most soil adaptive things. They can be chopped in small pieces and put deep in the soil for natural fertilization.

Making Compost Tea.

Compost tea isn’t for human drinking in case you thought that. Keep some banana peels in water for some days and then pour the water in your soil for good growth.

It attracts insects and birds.

Any sweet thing can attract butterflies, insects and birds and bananas are just the thing. Some of these insects are good for plant growth, so you can keep them in your garden for better enrichment. Also, don’t forget to take that away or else you might suffer from insect problems.

They can be used to set up a decorative plant.

The peel can be the base of the plant and enrich it with its nutrients and be covered with some mulch later.

Boost the blooming plants.

Banana peels have high potassium value which is a great ingredient to make plants bloom. Also, it protects other plants from diseases.

Banana Peel Vinegar.

This can be prepared by putting banana peels in a container with apple cider vinegar. Acid-loving plants like rhododendrons, blueberries, etc. will bloom quickly by this. This can be sprayed on the plants as only a low quantity is required to the plants.

Fortifies the soil.

The best manure you can get from trash is this. Dig a 2-3 inch hole in the soil and put them flat in it. With time your soil will have nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, etc.

It can be used for feeding seedlings.

If you keep the banana peel under the new plant before planting its seed, it would feed the seedling with important nutrients right from the start.

It can be used as a fly trap.

You can use the vinegar we made earlier for getting rid of insects as well. Just open the container after making the peel vinegar and it would attract insects, which will die once they enter the vessel.

Compost Pile.

From everything you read above you know how nutritious they are and so you can use it for a compost pile. Just don’t forget to chop them up or else it would attract a lot of animals.