Check how many Days would Corona take to infect Half of India – If we don’t Act Fast!

Corona virus has been spreading like wildfire globally and has already engulfed a number of countries including China, Italy, South Korea and Iran. Over 80 countries have already reported Corona virus cases. However, many of us still don’t understand how fast Corona has spread in other countries.

Total Corona cases per country are shown in the chart below –

Lets look at how it has spread in China which is the worst impacted country till now –

The outbreak in China started happening around January 20 (Just 50 days back). If we look at the number of reported cases there; the number increased from 1000 on Jan 23 to 10,000 on 1 Feb and then it reached 80K on Feb 10.

So it grew by 10 times in 9 days and then 8 times in 9 days. If, Chinese Govt had not started taking action on this then the cases would have grown by 8-10 times in every 9 days

20 Feb – 8 Lakh

1 March – 64 Lakh

10 March – 5.1 Crore

19 March – 40 Crore

However, Thank God Chinese Govt acted fast and isolated all the provinces which had been impacted by Corona leading to an isolation of a goddamn 900 Million+ population in China. China being an authoritarian country, could take such drastic steps to contain Corona. However, we in India might not be so lucky. Just look the below numbers to see for yourself where we are heading –

12 March – 100 Cases

21 March – 800

30 Mar – 6400

8 Apr ~ 50K

17 Apr – 4 lakh

26 Apr – 32 lakh

5 May – 2.5 Crore

14 May – 20 Crore

19 May – 70 Crore (Half of India)

23 May – All of India

Let’s not test our medical infrastructure and start taking precautionary action right now!!

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