Check Out The Latest Update On 3 Kerala Students Who Have Been Affected with Corona Virus!

Coronavirus has been hitting the trend because of the massive toll it has hit in killing people. This virus has although been originated and immensely visioned over China, has hit India too. Recently, three Keralites, from the state of Kerala, in South India have been noticed affected by the Coronavirus. All three of them are students and reports stated that they have flown from China to India recently after the Coronavirus has hit the Chinese.


Latest Update

Those three students have been a part of medicine study in the city of Wuhan, China. When they recently flew back to India, they have been tested by the medical authorities and have been quoted as affected by the Corona Virus. Not only Kerala but also every Indian citizen has trembled as the new human-killing virus entered into their vicinity.

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But, there’s nothing to worry now as the doctors who have put them under observation have declared that they are now virus-free. “All of the three students are doing pretty well now and there’s nothing to worry” a doctor stated. On this note, the Finance minister of Kerala, Dr. Thomas Isaac, has tweeted on the internet as “Just as in the case of Nipah, Kerala has won the battle with Corona Virus. All the 3 patients identified have been confirmed by Central authorities to have fully recovered. No case of secondary spread. The number under quarantine observation drastically coming down. Congrats Health Dept.

Recently, one of those students who is from Thrissur has her blood tissues tested and senior doctors have stated that she is virus-free. Dr. Ramdas, who is medical in charge and doctor of Kasaragod district in Kerala has stated that “she is good to be discharged. She has been put under observation for 18 days and now can be discharged but needs to take 10 days rest”, he added.

This has been a piece of good news to the Indian nation and let us hope that the entire globe would be Coronovirus free.