Check out these Shocking Things that China Did To Stop Corona & Implement in India Right Now!

Corona virus outbreak started from China which still remains the most affected country by this pandemic. Since, it was the first encounter of humanity with this virus no one knew the virality factor and mortality rate of Corona patients. However, as soon as the virality factor of 2 became clear to Chinese Government (which by the way is an alarming virality rate) the Govt swung into action and took a large number of unprecedented steps to contain this disease.

All of the know how Chinese Govt built a hospital in 10 days (Thanks to Whatsapp University); however, very few of us know of the effective steps taken by the Govt to contain the disease.

So, we have collated all the steps written about in credible journals so that we, the people of India, can learn from the same and apply these proven steps before Corona goes viral in India:

  1. Avoid crowds and large gathering places – This is already being enacted in India through various Government announcements. Delhi Govt has already locked down colleges, school and theatres while Punjab Govt has gone pone step further and locked down clubs, pubs and restaurants as well.
  2. Wear mask when going out – This would help you save yourself as well as others from infection
  3. Only four people in an elevator at a time – That too in four quadrants so that there is no chance of a contact
  4. Work from Home – Try to not go to office and work from home
  5. Avoid public transport and public places – Public places have the highest chances of contamination and need to be avoided at all costs. Avoid cabs, metros, trains and buses at all costs.

In addition, these are drastic steps which have been taken by Chinese Govt and India might need to take similar steps soon –

  1. Build Testing Infrastructure – The govt needs to build Corona testing infra before the outbreak or it would be really really difficult to stop the virus in absence of proper testing
  2. Build Medical Infrastructure – The Govt also needs to create temporary medical facilities especially in Non metro districts along with proper training of medical personnel so that the fear can be contained
  3. Restriction on Movements – Social containment is the only proven deterrant to Corona and Govt needs to ensure that the movements are rationed the way China did. Chinese Govt allowed only one member per family to move out of the house to fetch supplies.

Please please follow all these steps and stay safe.

Also, share this article with your loved ones. It is not too early to start taking these steps and early action is the only way to not end up in Chinese and Italian condition.