Coolest McDonald’s Locations Around the World

McDonald’s is the biggest fast-food chain in the world right now and serves and an infinite amount of people on a daily basis. They have so many restaurants around the world that earn so much that we cannot even think about it. There’s no way you might not know about the franchise, you might have even eaten there several times. All the McDonald’s burgers and other offerings are just one amazing ride of taste that you can never forget once you get a taste of it. Since they have so many outlets across the world they all cannot be same after all. McDonald’s outlets can be found at every corner and busy location, sometimes even multiple. But, since they have so many options sometimes they innovate and have totally cool as well as unique joints that don’t at all look like burger joints. They have done a great job in doing so and definitely need appreciating for the coolest locations they used for their franchise.

Below are some of the coolest locations around the world:


This building in Dallas, Texas is basically a big Happy Meal box with famous McDonald’s characters on it as painting. Just like the happy meals, this in itself is a big surprise where you can find Ralph Lauren wallpaper, mahogany booths, and chandeliers.


Located at one of the prime locations of England, Soho which is famous for its nightlife, theaters and shopping McDonald’s has its own palace at the corner of the street.

Taupo, New Zealand.

This outlet is basically inside a plane. This airplane was used by South Pacific Airlines and now is used by McDonald’s to serve its customers.


This location in Portugal was called Imperial before 1995 when McDonald’s took it. People come here to see the chandeliers, ornate stained glass windows and definitely the food.\

Debrecen, Hungary.

McDonald’s outlet in this historic-looking building is one of the most classic locations of the country as well which demand a visit.

Varna, Bulgaria.

Yes, this amazing building is pink in color. This is another one of McDonald’s locations in Europe which basically makes it the best in the best places to visit the franchise.

Tbilisi, Georgia.

This looks like an observatory at first sight but we know it’s the famous burger joint. You can have amazing scenery from the joint and the great view of Eastern Europe as well.

George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

This Birch House building was the office for a tin smelting plant called Eastern Smelting in 1908. This 24-hour McDonald’s joint also has its own drive-through parking and two stories for burger fanatics.

Roswell, New Mexico.

This UFO looking joint was specially made for McDonald’s to give it a millennial vibe and attract customers interested in eating out in a UFO or alien spacecraft.

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

What’s unique about this building is its round structure which isn’t remotely like anything you ever saw in a McDonald’s. This building doesn’t have the arches that most regular ones have but it makes it mark by its shape.

Batumi, Georgia.

The futuristic design of McDonald’s is designed by a Harvard graduate. It has 460 glass panels which give a clear reflection of the pool beside to the people while they eat.