Countries That Have Typical Rules For School Uniforms

Education is an important part of everyone’s lives regardless of their country, caste, and race. We now live in the 20th century and the world has developed a lot in all these years. Nowadays, the education level and the literacy rate of countries are high and that now education is actually considered an important part of lives. The place that is certified by the government to provide education to the masses is school. Schools are where kids gather and study among other things. Schools require uniforms and that’s a standard procedure all along with the world, it’s only quite rare if someplace doesn’t follow the general procedure. Different countries although might have different rules for these school uniforms and they can sometimes be amazing while other time just cruel.

Below are some countries that have typical rules for school uniforms:

The United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom started from blue uniforms as the dye used to be cheap in old times. Now every school has its own unique dress code. There was a no-shorts policy in schools through which was overruled after boys protested this in 2017 summer by wearing skirts.


In case you’re a fan of anime and those anime girls you’d be too happy to know that’s actually how students in Japan dress. The uniforms worn by girls are known as Seifuku.


Rules of UK also apply to Australia, only the preferred colors are lighter because of the heat.


Kids wear uniforms based on their education levels in the country. Basically, uniforms are different for kindergarten, primary and secondary.


Quite similar to Cuba but in their uniforms, the color of trouser determines the level of education.


China has a strict uniform rule which includes 5 sets of uniforms. 2 formals and 3 for daily use. Also, the outfits are gender neutral.


In Bhutan, the kids are required to wear the national costume in schools. This kind of increases their knowledge of the country and looks like a great attempt to keep everything centralized.

South Korea.

South Korea is another country that keeps up with the expectations of everything you saw regarding it on the internet or TV. All the outfits are inspired by western culture and are mandatory for higher education.

Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has some of the strictest countries in terms of uniforms as they are mandatory for students to wear. Also, one unique thing about Sri Lanks is that it’s mandatory for girls to wear ties and not to the boys.


India also believes in mandatory uniforms and has a system of private and government institutions. The government institutions have common uniforms across the country while private schools can keep whatever uniform they like, following the standard protocol of course. Many schools have different outfits for different days and seasons.

North Korea.

North Korea is one country where you don’t have many options. Politics play a huge role here with Kim Jong Un making a red scarf compulsory for everyone which shows their support to North Korean political party. Although, it looks really good, so doesn’t matter.