Crazy Facts About Coca Cola!


Coca Cola is one of the most popular drinks around the world and there’s n doubt about the fact that the brand is iconic! But here are a few facts that you may not know about Coca Cola!

– Coca Cola Contained Cocaine!

Yes, that’s right! At one point in time, Coca Cola did contain Cocaine! This is thanks to one of their early ingredients –  Coca Leaves. When the juice was extracted from these leaves, a little cocaine was bound to come through too. And it did! Until 1929, when the entire substance itself, was removed from the drink.


– A Share Worth What?

One share of Coca Cola from back in 1920 was worth $ 6.7 million in 2010.


– Had A Massive Impact On Santa Claus

We all know Santa Claus as the big jolly bearded guy with a red suit. But did you know that prior to 1950s, Santa’s suit was actually green and it became red thanks to the marketing campaigns of Coca Cola?!


– Originally For A Different Cause

Coca Cola was first started as a drink to cure hangovers and headaches, which is way different from the recreational drink that it is today!


– Only 2 Say No

Only 2 countries do not sell Coca Cola – Cuba and North Korea


– The First In The Race To Olympics

Coca Cola was the first commercial sponsor of the Olympic games in 1928 at Amsterdam.

– Fashion & Coca Cola Bottles Are Not Strangers

A number of notable fashion designers have designed limited edition bottles for the beverage brand. The latest one to do so was Karl Lagerfeld with other names on the list being Fendi, Missoni, Versache, Moschino and a few more.


– The Bacon Hoax


A few years back, perhaps even dating back to 2005, a picture of ‘Diet Coke With Bacon’ appeared on the net and was immediately circulated at lightning speed. Many people believed it to be an actual product, many claimed it was a limited edition and many thought that it was a test flavour that never made it to the market. The air was eventually cleared in 2012 when it was clarified that no such product existed.


– Remove The Stain With Coca Cola

It is said that one can remove and clean blood stains with Coca Cola. In fact, many people even say that it used to clean the roads after accidents in USA, but of course, we don’t really know if that bit is really true.


– Logo Script

The font with which “Coca Cola” is written is called the Spencerian Script and was quite popular as the formal handwriting back in the days when the logo was created, in 1885!


– Dentures After Heavy Coca Cola

Coca Cola was the reason behind a man losing all his teeth and getting dentures at the young age of 25! To be fair, the young man, William Kennewell from Australia used to consume an obnoxious amount of Coca Cola everyday – 6 to 8 liters! You can read about his story here.