Ever Wondered Why There Are Letter “X”, Red Lamp & “LV” At The Train End? Here’s The Reason Behind Them!

Most of us often travel through Trains but how often we observed the simplest signs of Indian Railways? Even though we have observed, how much do we know about them and their importance in guiding the railway employees? This article takes you through some important railway signs and their signals which indicate ensured safety.


Billions of Indians travel through trains for several reasons. The reasons maybe because of the cheapest form of transport it provides, quick transport, or some other, but how often have one thought of knowing some simple basics about signs on the compartments of the trains.

If you have ever noticed, there’s an ‘X’ mark at the end of each train and do you know why it is quoted? Many of us don’t know about it and here’s the reason why. The letter ‘X’ at the end of each train indicates that the train is complete and also there’s no problem in between. This is a simple indication but also provides important information for the railway’s training staff.

red lamp

Also, if you notice clearly, there’s a red lamp at the bottom of the ‘X’ mark. This flashes every 5 seconds. Earlier, it was made to shine by using oil, but now they are using the electric power supply to do the same.

LV board

If you observe, there is an LV board at the bottom right corner of each train’s end compartment. This board includes the LV letters in either black or white colors. This indicates that the train is safe and no repairs or work needs to be done. If this board is missing, then it is a serious message for the authorities that the train is in danger and immediate steps are to be taken.