Get a Look at the World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant

There are countless places we can go to eat nowadays and what we collectively call them restaurants. The best places you can go to eat. Nowadays, restaurants aren’t something you cannot find for a hundred miles, there are like restaurants every here and there on every corner of the street. There’s not much that can be done to innovate these restaurants as the basic thing they can offer is food and there aren’t many innovations to attract customers. The best restaurants are doing are by innovating their services and designs. There are countless new restaurants at unique locations offering unique services that are unforgettable. For example, there are some restaurants that offer cats as a waiter, while some are just made of pure ice and some on an island. The list doesn’t stop here, there is this one restaurant you would definitely like to go to and guess where it is? Underwater. Yes, that’s the latest trend and there are many underwater restaurants but the one we’re about to see is the largest underwater restaurant ever made and it’s just so amazing.

Below are the details of the largest underwater restaurant in the world:

The restaurant is situated in Norway.

This is Europe’s first as well the world’s largest underwater restaurant and was recently opened for visitors. The name of the restaurant is “Under” which quite suits it as well.

The restaurant started welcoming guests in March.

20th March 2019 is when it started it’s operations.

The structure is nearly 111-foot tall.

It’s almost like a half-submerged whale and is situated 16 feet below the surface of the water. The restaurant is like a submarine with transparent windows.

The restaurant aims at giving it’s guests the best view underwater.

There is a 36-foot wide floor-to-ceiling window where guests can have a full view of all the aquatic marine life of the North Aquatic Ocean.

Snøhetta is the Norwegian architecture firm that designed the structure.

Snøhetta is also the firm that is famous for the redesign of Times Square. Their excellence once again comes out in this restaurant and people are loving it.

“It looks like a concrete bunker that has been dropped in the ocean.”

And been titled so one end sticks out. People are really loving the restaurant and giving out super positive reviews.

The restaurant will also have an environment of its own.

The exterior of the restaurant will give a home to an artificial reef, welcoming limpets and making a habitable environment for the sea species themselves.

The first floor is made from Oak.

It also has a foyer and a cloakroom. Guests can watch the water streams on the ocean floor from the glass ceiling.

The second floor has a champagne bar!

That would have hyped you up for sure if not yet. The guests can just enjoy being high under the water and this time literally.

The final floor is what people actually go down to see.

Here lies the panoramic view of what everyone pays to go and see below the ocean and only 40 guests can see it at a time.

Under is also willing to accept marine researchers.

They are allowed to study marine biology and how fish behave and create optimal conditions for their researches.