Interesting Facts About The World You Would Like To Know

The world is a big place with infinite things to talk about. It’s like literally, everything we ever saw and that’s not even a metaphor. There are many things that happen in the world that we don’t know and many that are too obvious for anyone to know. The world has so many things that are so interesting that everyone would like to know about those facts. There is no way you should not know about many of the miracles that happen in the world on a daily basis.

Below are some of the most interesting facts about the world you would like to know:

When flamingos walk, they don’t bend their so-called ‘knees’.

They actually bend their legs and stand on their toes.

Ice-Pops was invented by an 11-year-old.

And would you believe if I say by accident! Frank Epperson was the kid who left soda powder and water outside overnight with its wooden stirrer still in the cup. He later discovered the taste and patented it, even called it Epsicle to later change it.

Sloths can hold their breaths longer than some sea creatures.

Our slow friend has slower heart rates and hence need less oxygen and can last 40 minutes without it, more than Dolphins and Whales who come out every 10-15 minutes to breathe.

Supermarket Apples aren’t fresh.

Not, something of a fact until I tell you that even the ones mentioned as fresh are around a year old. They are picked between August and November and then preserved using suitable methods to land after 6 months minimum on the shelves.

You can’t hum while you hold your nose.

Just try it! Humming occurs when you at least take air from your nose and if you block it, you can’t hum.

Octopuses have three hearts.

Even squids have 3 hearts as well. Also, octopuses have blue blood.

McDonald’s serves spaghetti?

Not in general, but in the Phillipines, it does. The spaghetti served comes with beef tomato sauce and a McDo fried chicken piece.

Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Prize.

How the hell? It was actually an irony by a Swedish politician who sent his recommendation letter vouching for him. He withdrew the nomination later before the event in 1939.

Lobsters can’t taste with their tongue.

They actually taste with their feet. Also, they have three stomachs and they have teeth in them. That’s totally weird anatomy they got right there.

The inventor of the internet regrets the // after http:.

Tim Berners-Lee regrets putting the // after http: as it was a standard for programming but doesn’t have any actual use. It could have saved infinite clicks by infinite people if he hadn’t put this.

Only the tongues of a Blue Whale weights equivalent to an Elephant.

The biggest creature on the planet right now has such a big tongue that the biggest creature on land weights equal to it.

Eiffel Tower was supposed to be built in Barcelona.

But, they rejected the design for being ‘ugly’ and handed it to Paris.