Life Hacks That Anyone With Specs Should Know

Specs nowadays is a very important accessory, it’s almost like a daily bundle of things we use. Many people use specs to correct their eyes if they suffer from short-sightedness or long-sightedness or some other eye problem that can be corrected. Lenses have made lives easier as well because you can just wear them whenever needed and not use them when not. They are like our second eyes and so are they called by some people as well. If you own specs, you know you cannot just own them without taking care of them. They need to be properly cleaned for better vision and a proper look. While some people just wear specs to stay in the trend. Many specs can be found in the market that has no eye correction lens and just a normal lens that people use as a fashion statement. Some people also use specs to protect their eyes from computer rays, UV rays among other things. Specs are universal and most people wear it.

Below are some life hacks for specs you should know about:

The glasses should never fall off your nose.

Isn’t it irritating when that happens? Also not to forget the continuous thinking of keeping them straight and not letting them fall. You can prevent this with some eye shadow premier and put it on the place where your specs are gonna be placed. It’ll make your nose non-friction and hence no sliding.

There shouldn’t be any fog on the glasses.

Whenever you’re near something that releases vapors or drinks coffee, the fog gets deposited on the lens. This simply makes the vision foggy and you need to clean it off again and again. This can be avoided by rubbing a soap bar on your specs.

Special bright colored cases for your specs.

Just paste some bright colored duct tape on your box so the box is easy to spot at night and it would also look cool, in case it wasn’t already.

Try not to use chemical cleaners.

Many people have observed that even though chemical cleaners are great, they always leave an essence that can affect your eye after you wear the specs. You can make a homemade cleaner using alcohol and dish soap.

Removing scratches is easy, don’t panic when you get some.

Toothpaste is the best way to remove scratches from your glasses, it also makes your glasses shine bright. Just, don’t use non-white ones. Also, you can use toothpaste on mirrors as well.

Avoid slipping your glasses by the hair.

People with long hair, especially women often see their specs sliding down because of hair, or hairs coming in front of eyes. Simply tie them back and there won’t be a problem anymore.

Stock microfiber cloth.

Never waste any cloth, and store them all for your specs. They’re the best cleaners.

Never use clothes like your T-shirts etc. to clean them.

Most of us do this in a hurry but never get the best cleaning. It also gives scratches to the lens. Try and only use the microfiber to clean glasses.

Get regular adjustments.

Eyes are the most important parts of your body and you should never take a risk. Get your specs adjusted according to your eyes at regular intervals.

Don’t wear specs against your type.

There are countless designs available for specs, you can just like something but it won’t be for your face. When you get specs, consider how it looks on you rather than just how it looks.