Most Expensive Mistakes Ever Made

The world is a big place with infinite people and countless countries that exist around the world. Architectures and space missions are things that require a lot of money and a lot of consistency. Even if a single decimal place goes wrong, everything that was spent on the specific project just goes wrong and all the money and hard work are to ashes. While these are the big scale things, there are some small things as well that can cost millions to people. Some mistakes that have happened around the world have been so expensive that it cost billions. Some of these mistakes are so silly or just plain ignorant that even you’d laugh at them. People have suffered from these as well.

Below are some of the most expensive mistakes ever made:

Apartment Fall.

This 13 story building named Lotus Riverside in Shanghai fell down one morning and other buildings lined alongside it fell with the ripple effect. Many lives were lost because of not following construction standards and a poor-quality foundation.

$15 Billion Trains.

The SCNF railway company wanted to modernize their system and ordered 2000 trains amounting $15 billion. The wagons were wider than the platforms the dimensions given were from platforms older than 30 years and hence differed. $50 million spent additionally to fix this.

Misprints suck.

¥610,00 was the price of 1 share of Japanese company Mizuho Securities but the guy who entered this data put up 610,00 shares for ¥1 which cost the company $225 million.

Lost Submarine.

Spain invested $1.75 billion in a submarine, The Issac Pearl. This submarine was so heavy, it wouldn’t have been able to rise above because of its weight all because of miscalculations. Thankfully, someone noticed this and then increased the length of this to solve the problem.


Alexander II sold Alaska in March 1867 for $7.2 million when it was just an ice-covered ‘dump’. While now Alaska is the home to $50.7 billion worth of resources.

The dancing bridge.

Located at River Thames, this Millennium bridge was opened in 2000 to be closed immediately because it couldn’t handle the weight of people and started stumbling. This happened due to wrong calculations obviously and cost $18.2 million which was reconstructed to add stabilizers that cost an additional $5 million.


NASA sent an orbiter for climate analysis on Mars which was lost when it entered the atmosphere too low and collapsed because of the use of two metric systems i.e. (feet and yards) and metric which led to confusion.

Apple Shares.

Apart from Steve Jobs, Apple’s founders have been known to make stupid mistakes. Ronald Wayne did the same by selling his 10% shares in the company for just $800 when he thought the company might go bankrupt. Now, these value over $80 billion.

Skyscraper cum Car Melter.

Walkie-Talkie is a skyscraper in London which has a concave shape that can focus light very sharply. The building had such reflection that it started melting cars in the line of light. Later sun protection was added to the building which cost it a lot.


Bitcoins were nothing when introduced in 2009 and everything now. A guy mined bitcoins worth $7.5 million but threw his hard drive in trash which he realized later in 2013 and lost a golden opportunity.