Myths About Sharks You Shouldn’t Believe

Sharks are one of the most dangerous animals you can encounter in the sea or any water body. That’s what you have known or heard from many people and places, but have you ever had an encounter with one? You cannot for sure say they are dangerous without actually encountering one, who knows if they’re just good fishes like dolphins who crave a human cuddle. Yes, sharks are a violent species but not all of them are before your life. Some are just like normal fish who roam the vast place that the ocean is and never hurt a soul. There are many more myths about sharks that we have been believing since the beginning that are not true.

Below are some of the myths about sharks that are not true:

They are mighty Killers.

Not the way we know at least. Sharks don’t attack humans until they feel unsafe or something that alarms them. In fact, most species aren’t even violent and roam around humans in the sea without even being noticed.

Sharks like human flesh.

People think of them as the wild animals and that once they taste human flesh, they develop a taste for it. That’s not true as sharks evolved hundreds of years before humans did and even more time before humans entered their habitat. They just try and eat humans for investigative purposes like, “Is this creature eatable?”.

Sharks have a normal reproductive system that involves male and female shark mating.

While this might be true for many species of Sharks, a special species of shark doesn’t follow this. The female sharks have the power of parthenogenesis that makes them fertilize eggs of their own without a male shark.

Sharks are afraid of dolphins.

Most of us might have heard that being closer to a dolphin ensures that sharks aren’t. But, both of these species eat the same small fishes and sometimes even each other based on their sizes. Next time, if you believe this, you might be the food of not one but two species.

All the sharks are the same.

Definitely no! Sharks have 500+ species of their own and that’s what humans have discovered so far.

Sharks have no enemies and they are the ultimate sea predators.

They’re not as invincible as lions in the jungle might be. They are often eaten for lunch by larger species and sometimes even dolphins as mentioned above. The biggest predator of sharks though isn’t from their home, it’s from the land. Guess which species kill 100 million sharks every year?

Shark nets can protect swimmers.

Sharks are a smart species and the nets that people use to be safe from the sharks don’t mostly catch the sharks but rather end up getting unwanted to even endangered species in them. Most animals die in these nets and hence it’s never a good idea to use them.

Sharks have to keep swimming always to live.

This is true for insanely big species of sharks like the whale shark or great white sharks who have to keep swimming to keep breathing. Other species have gills just like any other fish and can breathe anytime.

Shark fins can be used in medicines.

Chinese eat the shark fin and believe it to be high in nutrients. This isn’t the case and scientists have discovered that the fins have high mercury and other toxins that are harmful to humans.

Shark bites kill humans.

Not quite, you can die from a lightning strike with twice probability of dying from a shark bite. Their bites are not lethal (until they want to tear you into two). The large majority of people who had shark bites survive.