Old Parts Of Watches Being Put Together Are Really Adorable


Art can come from anything and has no boundaries. Some people prefer things like paint brushes, while some are expert with their keyboards and their mouse. The things that come from heavy creativity are just so great you can never forget them. The people who make them are even better artists themselves. Some people are so talented that they can make art from anything, most likely waste that people don’t find interesting at all. These small things we consider as waste and throw away carelessly can be transformed into something really great. There is this woman named Susan Beatrice who is one of these waste or say the old part artist and can make really cool stuff from watches. She has a Facebook page by the name ‘All Natural Arts‘ where she shares her artwork that she makes from old watch parts.

Below are some of her arts that are very adorable:

Her page recently hit 100,000 likes.

watchesHer Facebook page just grows even more with all her arts and her fans that keep supporting her for her creativity.

Susan’s art is totally green and that’s even better.



All if the art she makes and the parts she uses in her small creative ideas are recycled. Hence, they are totally green and also, it gives amazing outputs as if recycling is done right.

All of her materials are cheap.


That doesn’t mean her art is not durable or something. In the end, all she needs is old watch parts and it’s done for her. She doesn’t harm the environment as well.

She has really nimble fingers.

For detailing like that and joining of parts from different watches that aren’t even supposed to be together, you need really nimble fingers.

And definitely a lot of concentration.


Assembling parts like that requires immense concentration and hard work. I can’t even say inches or centimeters, in this case, it’s less than a millimeter of precision needed.

She sells her art online.

watchesWith an amazing technique like that she makes some money from her talent and people die to get these small sculptures in their hands.

Yes! She can make human faces from these entirely small objects.

That’s a lot of talent for one person to hold. This is so good and accurate for a portrait of a different kind.

This art looks like the Dragon Transformer from Transformers: Age Of Extinction.

That dragon had the same features, probably a mini version of that one? I’m just waiting for her to make the same versions for all our favorite transformers, that would be so cool, wouldn’t it?

People have put used her sculptures as tattoo designs.

Obviously, they took her permission before doing this and made really amazing tattoos on their bodies inspired by even better structures.

Some other people who did tattoos of her sculptures also shared them with her.

Everything looks so realistic as if this rabbit might almost come to life anytime.

Susan gave a tribute to Grumpy Cat with her sculpture.

The famous internet meme cat died recently and received a lot of respects. One of them was Susan’s art with the message of Rest In Peace.