People Use Tattoos Cover Up Scars In The Best Possible Way

Tattoos are one of the most creative things to have ever been invented on earth. They are great and amazing. Tattoos are always so attractive that they make you think about having one for yourself. The way permanent tattoos are done is kind of painful but the results are just so good that you wouldn’t hesitate once. Nowadays, there are so many types of tattoos that you can get in the market, like normal ink tattoos, color ink tattoos, UV design tattoos and what not. Some tattoo freaks just have tattoos to look cool and amazing while some want a specific name on their hands or something. Some people use them to cover up scars life gave them. These people prove how something that looks ugly can transform into something worth praise.

Below are some of these tattoos that cover up scars:

This woman had a burnt hand from a fire.

She covered it in a smart way with this design on the scar.

A c-section scar cannot be ever removed.

Even so perfectly that it doesn’t even look like there was a scar. The stem just covers it up and even kind of shines that looks better than expected.

Stitches give out the same vibe to everyone.

It’s their name after all. A true depiction of what he really experienced. Not the exact way but works fine.

I cannot begin to imagine why does she even have scars on her back.

Turned it into a minimalistic design of a small plant. Looks like some sea plant that grows along the stream.

Probably another C-section suffering mom.

Color splashes that spread everywhere she has scars ranging. Also, this art looks really great and worth trying for anyone who likes vivid colors on their bodies.

That’s one big scar on a big body.

Covering it with this huge plant is probably the smartest thing she did. Also, if you have noticed, she had ink previously on her right shoulder, this was connected to the new tattoo and everything looks 10 times better and more connected.

The cat snitched him or something I guess.

Looks like some cultist markings but a smart and attractive tattoo worth having.

Now that’s what you call totally minimalistic!

Totally looks like a zip line that fades in the hairs and probably closes somewhere on the top of her head. Small tattoo, greater meanings.

This scar was telling the master how it wanted to look like.

A hedgehog tattoo which is too real and even has 3D scales. This looks so much better the  Sonic movie version, just cast this one, please.

Calvin and Hobbes.

No matter how old you get this cartoon cum comic is never too old for anyone.

I don’t know why she didn’t go for the straight line though.

Probably because it could have opened the scar or it would pain too much, but this line is just enough to hide the real pain.


But a great piece of art from the ‘canvas’ it got.

I see what you did there sergeant.

Quite clever to put up Darth Vader, from Star Wars with his lightsaber on the scar.