Rarest And The Most Unique Eye Colors

Eyes are the best thing we have in our body. Not because they help us see and seeing and feeling things is a very important part of our lives but also because they’re beautiful. Simply, beautiful eyes can result in a great looking face. Eyes are the basic attraction people have to each other. Whenever you find someone looking to your eyes rather than anywhere else, you know they’re telling the truth or don’t have anything to hide. Most people have black eyes and that’s pretty normal and great. But as we all know there are not just one type of eyes, there are too many types of them. Some have different colors, some have different shapes, some have different compositions and what not. These eyes are what attracts us, because of their uniqueness and colors.

Below are some of the most unique and rarest colored eyes to admire:

Her color and eyes complement her altogether.

Bluish Grey color with a black skin tone is so different from what you generally see out there. Her eyes are magical.

Doesn’t her eyes look like they have diamonds in them?

And then the shine of her ring compliments the looks of her eyes. Both shine so brightly you could almost forget what’s around you.

This family has translucent eyes.

Almost as if, when the lights are turned off, they can see from their eyes with the light. Even my fluorescent light can’t shine brighter than their eyes.

Such big greenish eyes.

Her eyes look like some anime character or to better relate, Alita from the movie. Anyone who likes big eyes have plenty to look at here.


Light blue and simplistic looks are what stand out in this woman.

Two brothers with different yet unique eyes.

One has brown while the other has the blue-greenish looks, they just look so good together.

True Blue eyes with a light.

I just remembered White Walkers and especially the White Walker dragon after seeing these eyes. They’re so perfectly blue, it looks like them. Or maybe they are now living among us?

Crystalline eyes.

Looks like crystals have been embedded in her eyes and that too with precision.

Violet Eyes.

One of the rarest eyes to be found on the planet. This looks so good, I might just end up having contacts of this color.

She gives out a Storm (from X-Men) kind of vibe.

Didn’t she look the same but after all the makeup and VFX. This is just the natural version of the character.

Two eye colors of the same person.

Imagine having two types of eyes on just one face. That would be so cool! One is a normal eye while another one is just a splendid grey eye.

What makes this eye different? It’s a regular black eye?

In case you never knew, let me break it down to you. Human eye’s most common color isn’t black, its dark shades of brown and hence this woman has a pure black eye which is also one of the rarest eyes to be found.