Revealing 10 Most Safe Places To Escape A Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse is a fictitious term, but if it strikes, you have to look for a safe hideout. Well, the US Department of Health has all preparations to beat the same. But, it’s essential for you to know which places could be absolutely infection free and quarantine proof. Let’s find out ten places which can be a safe hideout during Zombie invasion.

10. Hidden Underground City of Wiltshire, Corsham, England


Underground can be the safest place to hide. Wiltshire’s underground can be the safest shelter built in the 1950s and a 35-acre bunker which can accommodate minimum 4,000 people for at least 3 months without single assistance from the outside world.

9. Lawson Tower, Massachusetts


In case you are looking out for a zombie evading place at an elevated position, you may prefer the 153 feet water tower present at Scituate, Massachusetts. They have a rifle and have a 360-degree view of the surrounding. Originally was built in 1902 by Thomas Lawson, the structure was actually improvised by a European architect with an aesthetical design.  The tower was used to store tank till 1988.

8. Alcatraz Island, California


Alcatraz Island was owned by Julian Workman, who erected a lighthouse in 1846. During the civil war, it was the base for San Francisco. Having ample living space and strategically an island, this can be a natural choice for any zombie apocalypse. Theoretically, it’s difficult to get out of the island as well as challenging to get inside.  Nonetheless, it’s indeed an excellent place for Zombie defense.

7. Secret Bunker of Scotland


A farmhouse in Scotland, which is one hundred feet below the ground, has a tunnel house that leads to 24,000 square foot bunker which was to shelter the top government officials in case of any nuclear attack. Today it remains as a war museum conserving some questionable military vehicles and artifacts.

6. Ludger Sylbaris Prison Cell, Saint Pierre, Martinique


Mt. Pelee volcano erupted in the island of Saint Pierre on 8th May 1902. The natural disaster killed almost 30,000-40,000 people in the town. A local drunk who was put inside the prison the previous night before the eruption was amongst the lucky survivors. Saint Pierre today has a population of around 1000. Having a tiny window at the entrance, this place can be a good hideout in case of a zombie invasion.

5. Army Sea Forts of Maunsell, England


Near the estuary of the Thames River, there are a series of anti-aircraft towers which were built during World War II. As they have high propped out stilts which is much above the water line, they can be considered a perfect hideout during a zombie outbreak. Surrounded by water, they are considered one of the safest shelters.

4. Cellular Jail, Andaman Islands, India


Andaman is an island near India which was infamous during the British era. The prisoners of freedom used to be sent there and some say they never went back. People used to call it ‘Saza-a-Kala Pani’ or punishment in the land of black waters. Well, far away from the hinterland of India, cellular jail can shelter over thousands of people, and the well-guarded prison can be a great hideout from a zombie attack.

3. The hole inside the Rock, Moab, Utah


Along the sandstone of highway 191 in Moab in Utah, there is a luxurious space of 5,000 square foot home which has complete 14 rooms and a fireplace, also a relaxing bathtub for your convenience. If you’re looking for a perfect lifestyle during a zombie apocalypse, then this is the most convenient place. Since the Utah lands are sparsely populated, the people living there are known for their self-sufficiency.

2. Menengai Caves near Nakuru, Kenya


Menengai caves are situated almost 10 kilometers from the Nakuru town. They are isolated and quite near the Menengai Crater. Some religious Christians come here to pray. This can be a perfect place for zombie apocalypse hideout. If you want to cook your own food in the primitive caveman style, then this can be the ideal hideout where nobody can ever think of reaching.

1. Tree Houses of Korowai, KIA, Indonesia

The Korowai tribe of Papua is known for exposing themselves as the ‘last cannibals.’ The houses they built were made from bamboo, and other jungle canopies raised 114 feet above the ground level. The treetop town has both elevation and isolation, and accessible by a single notched pole will make it difficult for the intruders in any zombie attack