Robbie Williams Vlogged Through His Wife’s Labour And It’s Hilarious!


Robbie Williams is expecting his second child with his wife Ayda and he vlogged through her labour.

It all started with this video of her dancing. She’s in labour and she’s dancing. What a lady!


The tables soon turned and it was Robbie who was dancing in the second video while it appeared that his wife Ayda, seemed to be going through a contraction.


This was followed by this adorable video of both of them walking and Robbie pretending to go through a painful contraction.


It’s time to break the water, but Robbie seems to be more worried about his gown.


The next video Robbie appears to get serious, only to make you laugh towards the end of it!


Things get a little painful for Ayda and Robbie, being the good husband he is, comforts her. Only to top it with a question about his wardrobe.


A performer performs. He doesn’t look at place or timing.


And finally, the baby was born (though we didn’t get a glimpse of him) and Robbie and Ayda spoke about it, in this last video.


Gotta love Robbie!