Sleeping With The Fan Turned On Can Cause You Health Problems

It’s summers and the heat is the real enemy of the people. In this weather, there’s no way you can live without something to cool you down. Most people use fans and AC’s and just turn them on for the relief from the scorching heat. Whenever someone turns on the fans or AC, they always leave it on for the whole time without noticing much. The whole night the fan is on giving you air so you can sleep peacefully, the AC is set at the temperature you’re more comfortable at and works all night. But, have you wondered if this can cause some problems for you related to your health. I mean people live their whole lives under a fan and never realize anything or any disease that it might have caused. But, there might be some health problems that are related to keeping the fan on while sleeping which is pretty weird.

Below are some ways how sleeping with the fan on can cause health problems:

Fans are our daily equipment to fight the heat.

There’s no way you can survive the summer or slightly warm weather without fans or ACs. They are a part of our lives and will continue to do so forever as far as we know.

How could fans give you health problems after all?

That’s a case in point, everyone in the world uses them, how can they be dangerous to health and cause diseases. The answer lies in itself, everyone uses them, so, even if you’re encountering something from it, you’ll term it as normal as everyone has it.

When the fan rotates in the room, it causes particles of dust getting into your nose.

As a normal person you might cough once or twice, maybe more but that won’t cause you serious problems at least at that very moment.

But, if you’re an asthma patient or some lung disease patient, it gets worse.


You’ll just not be able to even breathe properly and that’ll cause suffocation. You might even die in your sleep in the worst case scenario of asthma + dust allergy + suffocation + fan.

Fans also cause skin dryness which isn’t good for health either.

They work the whole time you sleep and since they give out air at you, your skin dries eventually. But, the skin needs to be not dry of all, it needs a little moisture, that the body produces for itself.

When the moisture is dried, you can get extreme irritation.

You know, when you’re out in the sun and neither sweating and get that feeling of just scratching your body. That’s what you may get sometimes after being in the fan’s air.

The air also dries your eyes and the water in it.

Dry eyes added with small dust is just a condition near to a swollen eye which is generally referred to as pink eye.

Excess exposure to air can also cause severe headaches, muscle pain, and blockage.

When you get the irritation from skin dryness, the body produces extra mucus to compensate and that requires heavy energy consumption, leading to these problems.

In case your fan makes a constant noise…

If you have one of those noise making fans, just get rid of it. First, it doesn’t let you sleep properly, and second, that will really make your brain tired of listening to it and so, it’ll just be semi-active than it already is in your sleep making your sleep not so great.

In all, should you use fans for a great sleep or not?

Not like we have many alternate options anyways. We just have to take care of the use and make sure we’re healthy always and there’s not much it can do to cause health issues.