Super Crazy Inventions That Made A Lot Of Money!

Entrepreneurs are constantly striving to make the world a better place. They’re on a mission to see what value can they bring to people’s life, whilst of course, making a whole lotta money out of it. These inventions though? A different story. They brought in the dough for sure, but how much value did they really add to people’s lives? Well, you be the judge with these crazy inventions that made millions!

6The Flowbee Hair Cutter

You’d think the reason most people don’t cut their hair on their own at home is because they aren’t qualified enough to do so, not because it would make a mess. The Flowbee hair cutting system however, defied that logic as it emerged in the nineties and went on to became a hit because, hey, if a home hair cutting system makes no mess, why not give it shot? Never mind the bad hair you may end up with!

5The iFart App

Ah! The good old joke/prank of making it look like an unsuspecting individual just let a big one out. The app had different sounds for different moods. Even though it retailed for a nominal price, the app raked up a big moolah after being launched towards the end of 2008. At its peak, the app brought in roughly $10,000 a day!

4The Magic 8 Ball

This is a crazy popular product we’ve all seen since times we cannot even remember. But if you really step back to see the core idea – a black ball with 20 writings/directions on it that people can rely on to make decisions regarding their future – it’s a supremely ridiculous invention. However, a smart one too, for the founders, considering they made millions off this!

3The Million Dollar Homepage

Need was the mother of this invention. The need for a whole lot of dough for education. 21 year old Alex Tew didn’t want to rile up a monstrous debt for his education, thus bringing to life this idea. A website where he sold 1,000,000 pixels for $1 each each.

2Goatee Saver

Is the thought of shaving through your goatee keeping you up at night? Well, here’s a product that is sure to banish those nightmares – the Goatee Saver. The product made a whole lot of moolah and probably saved countless goatees.

1The Pet Rock

The world has countless number of people who would love to own a pet but cannot do so because of various reasons. So what did one gentleman think was the next best thing? Own a pet rock! Yup! Gary Dahl came up with the idea of selling pet rocks, marketed as the perfect house-mate and a hassle-free pet. The rocks had faces drawn on them and came with a hay bed and a hilarious instruction manual. The fad of this product (launched in 1975) only lasted six months but that was all the time that was needed to make Dahl a millionaire