Ten Elementary Questions Of Which We Are Unsure Of The Answers Even Today

There are several occasions in life when we fail to understand or answer some questions. Some facts keep hovering in our minds, and we might be thinking them throughout the day, and sometimes we draw a conclusion about the answers or might be draw inferences from them. Let’s check out 10 such questions here.

10. Why do we see the dead in our dreams?

We often come across dreams with dead people who have been very close to our lives. Might be our grandparents, parents, siblings or close friends whom we lost recently. Psychologists say that when we think about a person, they remain in our subconscious mind. Dreams are a result of subconscious minds.  Paranormal experts might say that the dead were trying to communicate in dreams though.

9. What is the indefinite timeline?

As a child, you must have imagined the timeline of evolution. There was a specific time when life on earth appeared and centuries later humans have taken the present shape.  But, does anybody of us try to imagine how the timeline would have been before and after we live! Even if the world meets its end, the timeline will go on. It’s a real query we have in our minds, and its answers are inexplicable.

8. Do you believe in reincarnation and rebirth?

After death, a body diminishes into ashes, but the soul is transferred to another body, that’s what philosophy, as well as science, believes. According to various religious studies, the soul might take some day to years to get transferred to another body. Well, sometimes we hear stories about people who remember their past lives. Also, we meet people we never met before and yet they seem to be familiar.

7. What causes sudden static electricity?

You must have observed that hairs react to silk or other elements. It’s hilarious to see your hair rise against gravity and stay for some time before it gets down. The explanation is the positive end attracts the negative, and they react.  Humans sometimes fail to respond to science/logic and start believing it as some spirit or paranormal power in their surroundings.

6. Why do lightning strikes happen?

We often see lightning, and most of us even are scared of it. But we don’t realize why it happened. Clouds are heavily charged water particles suspended in the air. When the positive end gets in touch with another negative end of another cloud, then lightning occurs as a result of the reaction.

5. How do we skate and slip over the ice?

You must have experienced falling over ice. We don’t understand why we fall down, but there are specific explanations to it. Whenever we walk over any surface, its friction holds us and prevents from falling down. Friction reduces with surface smoothness. Ice, therefore, has the least friction as it has the smoothest possible surface. Lack of friction disallows us to stand or walk over the ice.

4. Why are some people ‘lefties’ instead of being ‘righties’?

We find some people being ‘lefty’ while others use their right hand in normalcy. Well, many of us are unable to explain this phenomenon. Some believed if the mother were stressed, the child in the womb would have been a lefty. But recent studies ruled out this misconception and clarified that the structure of the genes would dictate if the child should be a ‘lefty’ or a “right-handed” person.

3. How does sleep help us?

Some of us work overtime and have lesser than 8 hours to take rest. But sleep deprivation worsens the health of an individual, and that is prominent in many cases. Researchers say that 8 hours of sleep is necessary for the system to rejuvenate and work at a normal pace. To assure a healthy cardiovascular system, digestive system, and nervous system, peaceful sleep is essential.

2. Why do we yawn?

All of us yawn before sleep or might be while feeling tired.  The reason might not be transparent to many of us. While we feel tired, there is a deficiency of oxygen in our blood levels. To restore that oxygen level, we yawn and intake oxygen. That also helps to maintain a carbon dioxide-oxygen balance in our body.

1. Can the dogs see spirits?

It’s an age-old popular belief that dogs are gifted with a strong sixth sense and that they can detect incoming dire happenings. Even humans have the sixth sense, but not as strong as dogs. Dog owners have mentioned that their pets tend to bark, whine or whimper or behave erratically a long time after they discovered that some uncanny incidents or some bad omen had taken place.