The Artist With An Unusual Canvas – A Banana!


Elisa Roche is a wonderful painter, but her choice of canvas is quite unique – a banana!

“I eat a lot of bananas But not before I fool around with the,” she says on her Instagram account.

We take a look at her unique art.

Fruit Art


She often paints interesting patterns on the bananas.

Fruit Art 6 Fruit Art 5 Fruit Art 3 Fruit Art 2



And occasionally, you’ll spot her dog too!

Fruit Art 4



At times, you almost forget these are bananas!

Fruit Art 9 Fruit Art 7


But the most fascinating bit is definitely when her art plays with it’s surroundings!

Fruit Art 10 Fruit Art 8

Frut Art 11



You can check out more of Elisa’s work on her Facebook or Instagram page.