The beginner’s guide to winter coats

Winter blues

It Was a Cold Morning

The temperature is dropping and the perfect season to snuggle under your blanket is finally here. Even though it is tempting to spend the whole of this season married to the bed, life, work or even the holiday spirit may nudge you to step out. This guide is for those who need to know what coats to stock up in their wardrobe for this winter because we all need comfort and protection without compromising on style in this glorious holiday season.


1. Varsity jackets

Originally provided by the schools and colleges in the US to their students to showcase their academic or sport achievements, the varsity jackets have come a long way and are the hottest trend of this season. Mostly lightweight and thinly lined, they are perfect for the fall. They exude youthful charm and are uber casual. Pair it up with the best of your summer crop tops and a high waist torn denim to get all those glares at the party!


2. Fleece jackets

purple coat

A fleece jacket is the best bet when you are indoors and do not want to pile on those heavy cardigans or sweaters. Casual and super comfortable, they are made of a kind of synthetic wool. They do not typically burn a hole in your pocket and come in a variety of colors this season. If you are one of those who love to sprinkle some color in your wardrobe, then go ahead and pick a neon jacket for yourself. You will be the sunshine in those gloomy and dark winter nights!

3. Blazers

striped tank blazer and jeans+j brand jeans+loafers+louis vuitton speedy 30

A blazer can take care of you in almost all seasons. You can wear one for your sales projection meeting as well as the Saturday party because they truly are the chameleons in the fashion world. You can get a slim suit blazer or a peplum blazer and pair it up with a denim for a flirty feminine look. Alternately you can select a tartan blazer and pair it with neutrals or all black to give you an edgy vibe. Think out of the box with patterns. A navy striped blazer can make the gloomiest of winter days look like summer!

4. Trench coats

burberry trench coat+vintage gucci bag+black mini and white button down with silk bow ties

A trench coat oozes class and sophistication like no other. Originally a double-breasted rain coat, the trench jackets have evolved through the years. Many designers have experimented with the style, cut and fabric but the wide belt cinching the waist is the quintessential zing thing for a trench coat. This coat is perfect for the confusing transition period from fall to winter and they never go out of fashion. Invest in a high quality trench and opt for a neutral shade so you can stay warm and stylish this winter and pack it up for the next as well.

5. Pea coat

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Pea coat is the winter equivalent of a summer floral dress. Absolutely cute, they come in very flattering colors. If you want to stand out in a crowd, you can pick a red or teal coat this winter or if it is a mild color that catches your fancy, look out for a pastel shade like mint green or salmon. If you are a plus size, choose a pea coat with peplum ends and forget your winter nightmare of looking two sizes bigger than what you really are.

6. Fuzzy coat

Dlya 2009-11

Fuzzy or fluffy jackets are again a fall favorite for celebrities. Whether you are doing your grocery run or lounging in your couch with a cup of coffee, these jackets rise up your cute factor to the notch. They are the perfect live-in coat to own and are surely going to be a hit with your partner because who wouldn’t like to run their fingers over those cozy furs. Fuzzy knits is another trend to watch as it can flatter any body shape.

7. Parka coat

Parka girl

Parkas are typically coats with their hoodie lined with faux or original fur. They look and act heavy duty and are meant for those polar vortex weathers. But they are also effortlessly stylish and can provide you an androgynous look if you pair it with the right kind of shoes. Pick one this winter in neutral shades and pair it up with offsetting shoes or bags or you can pick one in Burgundy, the hottest color of this season and let the outerwear do all the talking.

8. Puffer coat

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A distant cousin of Parkas, these coats are more casual and affordable. The weather protection will hugely depend on the quality of the synthetic material used within those puffs. We suggest you opt for a good brand because these ones will be the go-to jacket in your wardrobe. You can also choose a quilted puffer jacket as they are all the rage this winter. Pick up one with gold zippers and pair it with a sequined bag or shoes and you will dazzle more than the Christmas trees around the corner!

9. Sherpa jacket

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Sherpa jackets typically fall till the waist and have faux fur lined below the hood or as a complete inner lining for additional protection. They have denim, leather or woolen exterior and are perfect for those who don’t wish to be weighed down by the enormity of their puffer or parka coats and wish to strut in style. The downside: They are not perfect for rains. So go for a Sherpa jacket only if it is a dry snowy winter in your part of the world. Vibrant fur looks are raking up the thermostat this winter and if you are not afraid to experiment dwell into jackets with cobalt blue or plum fur trimmings.

10. Leather or moto jackets


Who doesn’t want to bring out their adventure side once in a while? Leather jackets are for those who prefer muted style and they are always a fashion staple. Watch out for metallic, quilted and fur-trimmed leather jackets. As with all the other outerwear, the leather jackets have also come out in outstanding colors such as cobalt and rose gold. So choose a jacket which complements your lifestyle and your wardrobe and if you are in doubt, there is always the blacks and browns!