Here’s The Person Who Was Behind The Alien ‘Jadoo’ From Koi Mil Gaya

….OM OM OM OM… OM OM OM OM…Every 90’s kid can tell you what happens when someone plays these musical notes via satellite. 

Caution: By doing so you are putting earth on the threat of an alien invasion. 

It’s been 17 years since Hrithik Roshan’s blockbuster science-fiction movie Koi Mil Gaya hit the silver screens. The movie became part of everyday conversation in every Indian household. Hrithik Roshan gave an incredible performance as Rohit, who is mentally abnormal but the character which stole all the attention and limelight was “Jadoo”, the alien which is accidentally left behind on earth after Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) summons the aliens with the ‘Om’ computer.

A little blue alien from a distant galaxy, Jadoo is cute, funny and has magical powers and psychokinetic abilities but needs the sun to retain his powers, but, again is now best friends with Rohit, who studies in school. What else do you need to entice a kid for 3 long hours?

Director Papa Rakesh Roshan created this masterpiece for everyone. The other cast of the movie also adds spice to the fun-filled storyline. Preity Zinta’s bubbly and friendly character as Nisha and her relationship with Rohit only comes second to Rohit-Jadoo brotherhood. 

While we still miss Hrithik’s goofy but intense performance, it is Jadoo’s role that people are still rooting for. However, back then Papa Roshan tried to keep the identity of the actor who played Jadoo a big secret for unknown and unexplained reasons. But it was only a matter of time as the whole country wanted to know ” Jadoo Hein Kon”? The iconic role was played by the actor Indravadan Purohit.  An Australian Artist James Callner designed the costume of Jadoo, which became children’s favourite for fancy dress competitions thereafter.

After Koi Mil Gaya’s massive success, Indravadan bagged a role in Hollywood’s fantasy blockbuster series “The Lord of Rings”.