The Most Famous Transgender Celebrities Who Set Examples For The World


Beauty has always been a dominant factor in the world and we humans have tried every possible way to enhance it in every possible manner. With the numerous beautiful men and women residing in this world, we have specially picked those beautiful and courageous women who were actually born males.

Life for these women was never easy when they grew up as they felt and looked like females, but with male reproductive organs inside them. Mostly, they have gone through a gender change operation, amounting to a huge lot of money and the stress associated. Some of them have moved ahead to become popular singers, models and even film stars too!

Come, let us check out such ten gorgeous and courageous women, who are at par with their female counterparts in every manner possible.

#1. Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejicsource

The Serbian Australian model, Andrej Pejic is androgynous and known for his ability to walk on the ramp in both male and female clothing. Interestingly, he is ranked at Number 18 on the Top 50 Male Model’s list and holds a place as Number 98th in FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World, 2011” too! Andrej walked for both the males and female clothing line shows for famous designers Marc Jacobs as well as Jean Paul Gautier in the year 2011, at the renowned Paris Fashion Show! Quite an achievement in both the worlds!


#2. Kim Petreas

2 Kim Petreassource

Born as a male and named Tim Petreas, she is a famous German teen pop singer who is known to be signed with the record label Joyce Records to create electronic dance pop music. She became quite famous with the media when the news of gender transformation came into light and in the year 2008 she announced that she has completely transformed her gender via a surgery in her personal blog column. A courageous teen she was, she underwent this at the age of mere 12 years.


#3. Lea T

Lea Tsource

A Brazilian model, born in the year 1981, she is the daughter of famous former Brazillian football player Toninho Cezero. Her name was Leandro Cerezo, but after changing her name she went ahead to become one of the most successful, beautiful and famous transsexual model in the industry today! She is also considered to be a muse for the high fashion design house, Givenchy.


#4. Roberta Close

Roberta Closesource

Another renowned Brazilian model, Roberta Close, was the first to pose for the Brazilian edition of the famous Playboy magazine before undergoing the gender change operation. After undergoing the gender reassignment surgery in the year 1989, Roberta posed nude for a Brazilian magazine, Sexy, and was voted as the “Most Beautiful Woman in Brazil”!! She is indeed a beauty with a lot of courage!


#5. Claudia Charriez


A famous name in the international modelling industry, Claudia Charriez is breathtakingly beautiful and definitely hard to digest that she is born a male. Nevertheless, after she was not allowed to take part in America’s Top Model contest, she went ahead to win the title of America’s Next Top Transsexual Model, in the Tyra Banks Show in the year 2008!


#6. Isis King

Isis Kingsource

Originally from Annapolis Maryland, Isis King was born as Darrell Walls in the year 1985. Isis, who was born a male, went ahead to become a model in America’s fashion circuit and also took part in America’s Next Top Model Show in two consecutive seasons as well!


#7. Florencia De La V

Florencia De La Vsource

An Argentine actress, Florencia Trinidad, began her life as Roberto Carlos Trinidad in the year 1976 and went on to become the most famous transgender actress in the world. She has contributed her skills as an actress, comedienne, television hostess, and supervedette too! Currently she is married to a man and has twin babies conceived by surrogacy procedure. Just reminded me, ‘Where there is will, there is a way’!


#8. Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

8.2 Sirapassorn Atthayakornsource

Thailand born Sirapassorrn, AKA Sammy won the title of Miss International Queen in the year 2011. This competition was meant for people who have undergone gender change operations and who were transsexual. She is one of the most beautiful, attractive and successful fashion model from Thailand. She has made appearances in several magazines since her win and has made her country extremely proud of her abilities.


#9. Caroline “Tula” Cossey

Caroline “Tula” Cosseysource

Caroline “Tula” Cossey also known as Barry Kenneth Cossey earlier, is an English model who is considered to be the most famous trans woman in the world. Cossey made an appearance in a small role in the James Bond movie series, The Living Daylights as well. She is well-known for posing for the famous magazine, Playboy. Her autobiography, “I Am A Woman”, was penned by her to portray her experience as a transgender model and actress. Her contribution to the transgender women community is commendable as she has fought and stood for their rights time and again. Caroline Cossey later went and got married and is recognized as a woman by the law. Truly inspiring and amazing, is she not?


#10. Malika

10 Malikasource

Another famous and beautiful model from India is a trans woman too. Malika had to work hard and had to undergo a number of surgeries and medical processes to transform into a woman. In the year 2011, she became the first ever Indian to be chosen for competing in the renowned annual Miss International Queen pageant in Thailand. This completion is meant for those who were not women by birth.


Even tough, we have discussed only ten such gorgeous and courageous entities who made it big even after going through the mental and physical ordeal to have been born a man and transforming into women, there are many more who need special mention too. Famous models like, Chamila Asanka from Sri Lanka, the successful model and dancer Emma White, the famous singer, songwriter, model and adult star Ryder Monroe, the popular television personality and singer from Denmark, Ketty Van Der Veer, and many more like them are indeed the ones who had enough courage and guts to have opened up about their sexuality and had the determination of shaping their lives as per choice.


Hats off to these women! Great job and you deserve to be called “women” in every right.